Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Simon is 6’3” and muscular and so men always think he’s dominant. However, Simon longs for a dominant partner where he can explore his submissive side. He also has a secret. Simon hosts an anonymous blog where he features photos of himself in sexy lingerie. Simon is also crushing hard on two men. But that’s not easy either as one crush is a regular blog reader, Mr Smith, that he sexts with and the other is his roommate, Taylor.

Taylor makes the first move and suggests he and Simon hook up—just a casual friends with benefits arrangement. Simon is all in, too far in, as he doesn’t want casual and is falling hard for Taylor. When Mr Smith starts seeing someone himself and having some of the same problems, Simon doesn’t know who to talk to. Except, it may turn out that Simon can truly have it all—if Taylor is all in that is.

Screens Apart was originally written as a serial in installments that was sent out with the author’s newsletter. All of the parts are now in one book and there has been an epilogue added as well. This book is high on the erotica side with less on the plot end and would work for a fast and heated summer read.

However, the book may have been a better read for me if I had read it in installments. The style, with each part being another sex scene, may have worked better with a break in between. As it is now, there is little plot development and little character development. We meet Simon and Taylor already roommates and friends. We are told they are both attracted to each other, but the chemistry didn’t come across for me throughout much of the book. Taylor suggests early on that they hook up when twinky, but dominant, Taylor learns that Simon, who everyone thinks is a top, isn’t interested in being dominant at all and they are a good fit.

Simon hosts a blog where he posts pictures of himself in sexy lingerie. He thinks he can never find a man in real life who wants that and he’s reluctant to talk about it. Simon communicates regularly with Mr Smith, who is a blog reader, and when situations happen that are identical in both real and virtual life, neither of them even thinks anything about it—which was too much of a stretch for me.

The men rarely do anything outside of the bedroom and they fall in love quickly. That’s about it for this one. While I could have used some more chemistry and a little more storyline, Screens Apart could fit a need for a quick read with many intimate scenes.