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The Something Like… series has been around for years. The first book, Something Like Summer, was published in 2010, and introduced us to Ben and Tim. Since then, there have been 12 books in the main series and many short stories in between. The world has expanded and shifted, each time revealing another point of view, another scene, or another connection. The characters have become friends and I had already laid them to rest after Something Like Forever was released, as that was supposed to be the last book in the series. I really had mixed feelings about opening myself up to these characters once again. But, if there were more stories in this world to be read, I owed it to myself, and them, to read them. As you can tell, these characters feel real and this series is unique and special. This book would be enjoyed best if you have walked the trail from the beginning.

The introduction to this collection sets the tone with nostalgic and poignant words from Jay Bell that left me with a touch of melancholy before I even read the first story. The author describes the reason that some stories are short and only contain a scene, while others are longer. I have selected a few to mention here, but I have read them all and, if you have made it this far into the series, well then you should read them all too. I would like to thank Jay Bell for creating this universe and sharing the many stories that were written because a high school boy named Ben fell hard for a boy named Tim.

Something Like Home: A short conversation between Jace and Victor during Victor’s time in the woods. It takes us back to Jace looking for answers from Victor.

Something Like Friends: A short scene between Jace and Greg. Their friendship was felt throughout the series and this offers a little more to build upon.

Something Like Vacation: This story goes back to Ben and Jace’s vacation in Italy and captures the feeling of their excitement to be away together.

Something Like Enemies: This one expands upon the difficult relationship between Caesar and Jason and tries to leave Caesar in a favorable light.

Something Like Then: A story that captures Ben after Jace’s death and how he decides to move on.

Something Like Me: An interesting story focused on Emma looking back, and then on her relationship with Bonnie as she looks ahead.

Something Like Snow: Once Ben and Tim were together forever, they always tried to do the best for each other. This story shows Ben trying to find snow for Tim for the holidays, complete with a little help from Marcello.

Something Like Astral Wilds: The scenes between Jace and Victor were always intriguing to me and this takes us once again to their time in the afterlife.

Something Like Goodbye: This was a well needed story giving a little more insight into Marcello. However, some characters are meant to remain mysterious right until the end.

Something Like Heaven: This one didn’t pack as much of an emotional punch as it did the first time a reference was made to Ben and Tim in the afterlife. Ben is reunited with both of his loves and planning an eternity together. As the last story in the book, it can make you feel sad it is all over or rejoice in looking back at the lives the men lived and the love they will share forever.

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