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Kieran McAllister is a wolf shifter who’s left his pack and his abusive father (and his father’s enforcers). Kieran is now living with the Kincaid pack and trying heal. He’s timid and wants to keep to himself.

Bennett Young is a tiger shifter and the pack Alpha’s second in command. He’s just a bit…intense. However, he finds himself drawn to the scared little wolf hiding away from the world. Bennett wants to help…and he wants Kieran.

As time passes, Kieran begins to allow himself to give in to his growing feelings for Bennett, and the two become mates. All is not well, though. Kieran must come before the shifter council to testify against his family and former pack. This puts him in danger, and Bennett wants to protect his new mate. Will they be able to safely come through? Or will it end with Kieran being forced to return to the place he escaped?

You guys, I love shifter novels. I devour at least three a week. There’s something about them that reaches inside and grabs my heart and my brain, and The Second and His Bonded did not disappoint! This book is the second installment of the Kincaid Pack series, and it is the perfect follow up to the incredible first book, The Alpha and His KingIt begins as the first story left off in a seamless transition. I won’t necessarily say you must read the first to be able to jump into this one. There is a bit of exposition that could help you catch up. However, I strongly recommend you do start at the beginning. Important characters cross over, and will give you a handle on them.

I enjoyed getting to know Kieran and Bennett. Each had their issues, and it wasn’t easy for them to come together. Kieran felt as if he didn’t belong in the Kincaid pack, and he also felt guilty because his family tried to destroy his new pack from the inside out. Hiding out in his room all day, barely eating, he was extremely sympathetic. In fact, I’m going to say he was almost too sympathetic. I found myself getting a little annoyed that he wouldn’t accept overtures of friendship and his constant effort to push everyone away. Still, Kieran becomes loving and heroic along the way, and it was great to watch. Bennett is a little (ok, more than a little) pushy. His attraction to Kieran is nearly adorable, and his dogged pursuit of Kieran, while a little over the top, was kind of fun to read.

The mystery and intrigue part of the story is compelling, and I was completely caught up. Again, this is where reading The Alpha and His King is handy. It will help you soak in the story as a whole. There is a lot going on here. Not only are there shifters, there are witches, the occasional human, pack politics, and more. I congratulate the author for keeping everything interesting and entertaining. The final third of the book is an action-filled ride. All the pieces began to fit. The best part is Kieran’s transition from sad and timid to truly heroic. Bennett is awesome too. He’s very protective of Kieran, but he knows he can’t stand in his way. He’s learned a lot about working together rather than being…well…a controlling Neanderthal 🙂

This is an excellent story and I think it should be read and savored. I could never do it justice trying to describe everything to you. Just know the Kincaid pack isn’t one to be messed with. They’re tough, but they’re inclusive and show real love for each other.

The ending does end on a cliffhanger, so be prepared. It’s not jarring, and you’ll know it’s coming. In fact, it’s exciting because it’s obvious a third installment will be on it’s way. I highly recommend The Second and His Bonded to fans of shifters, and if you’ve never read anything shifter oriented, this series, including The Alpha and His King, is an excellent to dip your toes into that universe. Definitely get this one!

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