Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Sergeant Lázhien Jhagán admits he’s never been interested in brothels, preferring a steady lover. But when the rest of his garrison heads to visit one, he reluctantly tags along. It’s there he sees one of the higher priced whores, Red, and he is instantly and insanely attracted to him. Lázhien has no idea that Red is his soulmate, but he does know that with just one glance, Red hates him. Red is exceptionally beautiful and he is also a lust demon, and Lázhien knows he needs to find a bag of silver quickly to spend the night with Red.

Nothing seems to go Red’s way. The demon in him craves Lázhien and Red cannot believe that his soulmate is human and a common soldier. He wants to think it’s a mistake, but deep down he knows better. His demon is pushing Red one way, but Red really wants to run the other way. But you can’t fight fate.

A new book by Kasia Bacon is a treat indeed. I first learned about Red when the author posted the first chapter online and I was instantly hooked. She has a remarkable way of writing and I have yet to find anything she has written that does not capture all of my attention.

Red is a unique and exceptionally interesting character. He is part lust demon and part elf and his life is about satisfying his demon. He’s not particularly bothered to work in a brothel, but if he didn’t have to satisfy his demon, he most likely would have chosen another line of work. He is sought after for his long red hair and enticing ways and no one that enters the brothel is immune to him. Being human, Lázhien has no idea what is even happening to him that every thought is about Red, and it takes some time for him to even learn about having a mate.

The book is a true opposites attract scenario and Red is the one that needs to become more comfortable with the idea. Lázhien wants to take care of Red in every possible way he can imagine (and even in ways he never thought to imagine) and, once he learns that Red can be truly his, he wants all of him. Their attraction starts with fate, but they do have a choice and they choose to be together and they are better together. The background of the characters is expertly woven in around their story to give a great sense of who they both are and where they have come from and all of the pieces seamlessly fit together.

The book opens with an excerpt from The Great Lexicon of Elder Races, and it reads as if written from a true historical account. Once again, I am in awe of how Bacon creates entire worlds and languages where everything flows and each character becomes the next favorite.

When I First Saw Red is one of Bacon’s longest works yet, but I am never ready for her books to end. This is the book that offers all of the magic of reading where you can be transported to another world and it’s definitely the book to read next.