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Length: Novel

Marshall is in Vegas for a six-month stint as a BDSM consultant for the new Kinky Boys studio. He is a Dom and has a lot of experience with kink, and the opportunity came at just the right time since he was between jobs. Marshall isn’t interested in staying in Vegas long term, as he loves his life in New York, but it should be a good temporary position.

Byron has signed on to the Kinky Boys studio since he needs the money after losing his job as a teacher. Plus, he figures if an unwanted video of him having sex is out there in the world (courtesy of his ex), he might as well get paid to do it this time. Byron has never experimented with any kind of kink, but he figures it won’t be a big deal.

Marshall tries to help Bryon know what to expect out of the kink, but after his first scene (where he is known by his stage name of Ziggy), Byron realizes that this may not be for him. Still, he needs the money and doesn’t want to break his contract. But soon it becomes clear to both him and Marshall that Byron is in over his head, so Marshall tries to help by taking him to a club to get a better feel for the lifestyle. There, Bryon sees some puppies at play and it totally sparks something inside him. As he and Marshall experiment with puppy play, Byron finds himself completely at peace in a way he seldom experiences. He and Marshall also begin developing a relationship, and both men are happier than they have ever been. But Marshall has always planned to stay in Vegas for just six months, and as his contract is nearing an end, the men have to figure out if there is a way to make their relationship last.

Ziggy is the second book in K.M. Neuhold and Nora Phoenix’s Kinky Boys series. Many of the side characters here are introduced in the previous book, Daddy, where they are hiring actors and building the studio. That said, I think this one works fine as a standalone. This series is fun and a bit playful, with a nice camaraderie among the studio members and a lightly kinky tone to the books. I found this story particularly interesting as it focuses on a novice to kink in Byron, and in reality, he turns out not to really like most of it. Puppy play definitely ends up being his thing, however, and it is so much fun to watch his happiness as he finds his connection to his puppy self. But Byron has gotten in over his head with other aspects of kink and his feelings range from apathy to serious anxiety about the different things he may need to do in his scenes. Of course, Byron is never pressured and both his boss and Marshall quickly step in before he ends up doing anything that makes him uncomfortable. But I thought it was a really interesting approach to a kink story to see it through the eyes of someone who respects and appreciates kink, but realizes for the most part that it is not for him.

I enjoyed Marshall and Bryon together. There is a softness between them, even before they are really even dating. Marshall has such a caretaking vibe that he makes Byron feel happy and safe. And as I said, I enjoyed watching Bryon come into his own as he explored his interest in puppy play and how Marshall is always there for him. I do wish we went a little deeper into both of these men in terms of their backgrounds and character development. For example, it sounds like Marshall had a bad breakup that made him initially reticent to get into a new relationship, but we learn nothing about it. We also know that Byron got burned by an ex who posted their sex tape online, and there was some major life fallout, but we hear more about it than really getting the emotions of how it impacted Byron. So I would have liked a little more here. But overall, I enjoyed these guys and liked them together.

So I think Ziggy is a nice installment in the Kinky Boys series. I continue to like the whole gang and I am interested to hear more of their stories.

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