milo audio coverStory Rating: 5 stars
Audio Rating: 5 stars

Narrator: Joel Leslie
Length: 9hours, 30 minutes

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I am a big Lily Morton fan and her Finding Home series is probably my favorite of all. So I have been really enjoying going back and re-experiencing the books in audio format with narrator Joel Leslie. I will say that while Oz has always been my favorite of this series (both the book and the character), listening to this one again really made me appreciate Milo even more than I had upon first reading. I love watching him find himself, seeing that struggle where he realizes that he is strong and independent and that being abused was not a weakness or a character flaw. I love Niall’s strong and steady presence, the way he makes Milo feel loved and seen and confident. There is a quiet easiness to this story, a tone that fits so well with these characters. I still think that Oz steals the show in pretty much every scene he is in, but I also really found myself so engaged with both Milo and Niall and loving this story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this audio narrated by Joel Leslie. In fact, I loved everything about the narration for Milo. This is a challenging book as Milo has a stutter and a significant one at times. Leslie does a wonderful job handling this in the narration, capturing the stutter and Milo’s frustration when he can’t get his words out, while also making it sound totally natural. Milo’s voice is soft, and at times tentative, while Niall is stronger and bold, both befitting their characters. But I loved how they can both be their opposites, with Milo confident and outspoken when he needs to be, and Niall tender and sweet. Leslie does such a great job really capturing these different dynamics and the personalities of the men. Oz and Silas are consistent from the prior book, and the side characters are handled well, even little Cora.

Like I said, I loved everything about this and thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book again in audio. I really adore this series and highly recommend the books in either format.