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Hello everyone! I recently had readers provide questions about the Brimstone series – a seven book plus three short fic collections science fiction humor series. These are the first half of questions about the Brimstone characters from my Facebook group. Characters mentioned in these questions:

  • Max – a shockingly pink singing millipede
  • Nic (Nicodemus) – a spacer rat (both Max and Nic live primarily with Leopold)
  • Rosa – Corny DeGroot’s horse who time-traveled along with him from the Old West
  • Leopold – a young demon prince shaped like a two to three feet tall hedgehog (Shax and Ness’s son)
  • Shax – the Demon Prince of Thieves and captain of the Brimstone
  • Ness – fallen angel, the Brimstone’s security chief
  • Ivana – the Brimstone’s AI who has adopted a drag queen persona
  • Mac – a nephilim giant, the Brimstone’s engineer

What is Max’s favorite genre of music?

Opera. Probably because of the range of notes and the consistent sustain. He can’t always sing the arias, but he gets leg-wavy excited when he hears it.

What kind of tunnels are Nic’s favorite to explore?

Nic’s very food motivated, so any tunnel with treats at the end. But he’s a spacer rat, so he has little experience with tunnels in a planetary ecosystem. Dirt tunnels would seem strange. He enjoys exploring ventilation systems enormously.

How does Rosa feel about the quality of feed she gets in space?

Like most American mustangs who often live in high plateau or semi-arid environments, Rosa’s highly adaptable. Heckle does try to order the good alfalfa/grass hay and oats from Elistrus when he can, but it’s expensive. Sometimes he has to go with the lesser quality stuff from Amnesia. Corny makes sure she gets an apple or a carrot for a treat every couple of days and she’s happy.

What kinds of changes does Leopold want on the ship?

For Leopold, the ship is his home, the only real one he’s ever had. I think he’d prefer not to change the ship’s structure in any substantial way. But he is looking forward to being old enough to have an actual job on the ship’s manifest besides “apprentice.”

How does Shax fit in *those* pants?

Shax didn’t want to answer this initially. He thought it was a dig at his maybe gaining a couple of ounces from cinnamon buns. But he does confess to “using a dab of lube here and there, in just the right places, to wriggle those painted-on leathers up.”

Are there any weapons that Ness would recommend against Frogs? If any?

Ness is horrified at the suggestion and says, “Nets.” He also doesn’t want anyone to tell Shax that he thinks frogs are cute.

What’s the best method Ness has to shut Shax up?

Ness says, “You’d think it would be kissing him, wouldn’t you? But that doesn’t often work. The best way is a combination of promises and stern warnings, and only works in private. Otherwise? You let him run on until he’s done.”

Do Ivana and Mac have private conversations about how she’s feeling or do they ignore each other as he works?

Ms. Ivana and Mac have an excellent working relationship and they often chat as he works. Mac recognizes that the ship’s AI is the best diagnostic resource an engineer can have and he thinks she’s pretty terrific. For her part, Ms. Ivana loves a pair of big strong hands on her…engines.


Beware the demon prince who’s sick and tired of running.

Federico Duomo is dead, to begin with. But this is only the first bit of Shax’s problems resolved. Powerful crime lords and an obscenely wealthy oligarch are still determined to destroy him and his crew, and Fluffy’s original owner may be coming after the Brimstone now, too. It would be splendid to be able to take on one thing at a time.

Adding to the external conflicts, life on board the Brimstone has only grown increasingly stranger. Shax has no idea what to do with the seven partly human children that Heckle rescued from slavers. Heckle himself has grown short-tempered, even with Mac. Someone from Julian’s past catches up to them on Barbary. It’s enough to put a demon off his cinnamon buns.

Shax isn’t panicking, though. In fact he’s had it up to his handsome royal nose with the people he loves having to live in constant fear. The fox has turned at bay and the Brimstone’s enemies are in for a shock. The demon prince of thieves is coming for them.

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Angel Martinez is the pen name of a writer of several genres who writes <em>both </em>kinds of queer fiction – Science Fiction and Fantasy. (What? There are others?) Currently living part time in the hectic sprawl of northern Delaware, (and full time inside the author’s head) Angel has one husband, one son, at least one cat at any given time, a changing variety of other furred and scaled companions, a love of all things beautiful and a terrible addiction to the consumption of both knowledge and chocolate.


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