Today I am so pleased to welcome Tanya Chris to Joyfully Jay. Tanya has come to talk to us about a multi-author collaboration for the 2020 SuM/Mer Olympics. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Missing the Olympics this summer? Not anymore! Six of your favorite M/M authors have teamed up to hold the 2020 SuM/Mer Olympics – a collection of new and discounted Olympic themed M/M romances.

New or new to KU:

Aiming High by Tanya Chris – What they want most may be the one thing out of their reach. Canadian rock climber Spencer Woolery has been training for the Olympics since before climbing was an Olympic sport. Flynn loves climbing, but he hates being a professional climber. Flynn and Spencer compete against each other and eighteen other men to see who’ll take home a medal and who’ll win something even greater than gold. $2.99 to buy or read with KU.

The Thomas Flair by EJ Russell – It’ll take more than medals to mend their relationship. Diabetic gymnast Sol Ashvili, an alternate for the 2016 men’s Olympic gymnastics squad, had one thing on his agenda for the last day of competition in Rio—corner teammate Tony Thomas, his best friend for half his life, and finally confess he’d been in love with him for years. But instead of returning to the team suite after winning his second silver medal, Tony jetted out of Rio and turned his back on everything: a college degree, gymnastics meets… and Sol. Pre-order sale week of July 12th for $2.99

Heart of Gold by Anna Martin – Matty Webber knows that Tokyo 2020 is his last chance to take home an Olympic medal for Team USA. Clarke Levine gave up his Olympic dreams after an accident at the 2012 Olympics ended his career… and any chance of continuing the secret, passionate affair he’d been having with Matty. Eight years after their clandestine romance ended in tragedy, Clarke and Matty have another chance to rekindle the relationship that burned fast and bright in London. $3.99 or read with KU.

Advance & Retreat by Brigham Vaughn – Olympic-size dreams come at a price. Openly gay college swimmer Ian Harrington feels like he’s fighting against a current of tragedy. Ricky Chavez has just about everything he wants in life: a great career, a supportive family, and a side gig as drag queen Rosie Riveting. When the two men connect after Rosie’s performance, they’re immediately drawn to one another. But it’s never that simple. $5.99 or read with KU.

Digging for Gold by Sean Michael – Olympic beach volleyball hopeful Kenn Majors just took out his shoulder during a surfing charity event and now the whole world’s on his back, from his teammate to his father, to get back into shape in time for the Worlds, and then the Olympics. His new trainer, Dusty, is just one more change that’s happened since he injured himself, and Kenn’s not sure if he’s coming or going. Will Kenn be able to keep his attraction under control and manage to get his shoulder back to where it needs to be in time to win at the Worlds? $3.99 and new to KU.

Discounted in honor of the 2020 SuM/Mer Olympics

Perfect 10 by Sean Michael – Despite a life-threatening injury sustained in a vaulting accident, top gymnast Christopher Allen is determined to get back to his former perfect condition and compete again. Brian Rainings is a coach in need of someone to believe in. Admiration soon leads to something much hotter as they train together. On sale all July for $2.99

Hold Me Up by Colette Davison – Can second chance love survive past trauma? Reece has one goal: to compete in the Olympic Games. With the gymnastics World Championships looming, his dream is one step closer to becoming a reality. When his childhood sweetheart, Alex, walks back into his life unexpectedly, Reece’s world is turned upside down. On sale everywhere for only 99¢ during the week of July 12th.

Personal Best by Sean Michael – All three volumes of Personal Best are on sale during July for $2.99 each. Mike Gauliet could be a world-class swimmer if he took better care of himself. Jessy locks Mike down, putting him on a strict regimen of diet and exercise that Mike resents a lot until he realizes the changes are making him a better swimmer. When things go wrong, though, can they, and their sports careers, survive the strain?

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