Today I am so pleased to welcome Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday to Joyfully Jay. Andy and Anyta have come to talk to share an exclusive excerpt from their latest release, Better Have Heart. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!



Darren searched for a place to put his bag to avoid Isaiah’s piercing stare. To avoid the very unprofessional urges that came with it. “Where should I . . .?”

“Drop it against a wall.” Isaiah’s voice held the amusement Darren always heard when he got a reaction from his flirting.

The space felt small and cozy. More so when he looked at Isaiah and his body flushed.

Isaiah handed him a small hand towel. “It’ll get warm in here. People don’t like it when the rooms are cold. Feel free to take off your shirt if you get hot.”

The last part was punctuated with a wink.

“I’ll follow your lead.”

“Oh really?” Isaiah peeled off his shirt and flicked it to the floor. He fixed Darren with an expectant stare.

Darren’s breath hitched. Maintaining eye contact, he pulled his loose-fitting T-shirt over his head and let it drift to the mat. “Are we ready?”

“Oh, I’m so ready.” Isaiah smirked. “How much do you know about yoga?”

“A little. A little less than that. Okay, none.”

“So if I said, ‘assume the position,’ what would you do?”

“Be afraid you want to paddle my butt.”

Isaiah’s eyebrow shot up. “You quiet types are always full of surprises.”

“Quiet? Me? Not really. In the right situations I’m very loud.”

Isaiah opened his mouth as if to speak and then laughed softly.

Suddenly Darren knew what Isaiah was picturing, and—fuck. “So what position do you want me in?”

Isaiah’s grin slammed into him. “Let’s start with some basics,” he said, stretching his arms over his head. “Until I get a feel for what you can do.”


They hate everything about each other, so why do they harmonize so well?


Isaiah Nettles wants a chance. A chance to help his family.

The prestigious Gage Scholarship will secure his future. He needs this.

The competition might be hot, but Darren Gage is a golden child.

No way will Isaiah let an entitled rich kid be handed the award.

But what if Darren is more than an entitled rich kid?


Darren Gage wants to be seen. Seen as more than just his name.

The Gage Scholarship will let him shine. He needs this.

Sure, Isaiah is insanely sexy—and right to stand up for himself—but he is the competition.

No way will Darren let just anyone take his legacy.

But what if Isaiah isn’t just anyone?

“Better Have Heart” is an enemies to lovers, slow burn M/M romance with a HEA. This New Adult, college, opposite attract, rich-boy poor-boy novel can be read as a standalone.


Andy Gallo: Andy Gallo prefers mountains over the beach, coffee over tea, and regardless if you shake it or stir it, he isn’t drinking a martini. He remembers his “good old days” as filled with mullets, disco music, too-short shorts, and too-high socks. Thanks to good shredders and a lack of social media, there is no proof he ever descended into any of those evils.

Andy does not write about personal experiences and no living or deceased ex-boyfriends appear on the pages of his stories. He might subconsciously infuse his characters with some of their less noble qualities, but that is entirely coincidental even if their names are the same. And while Andy leaves the hard sci-fi/fantasy for his alter ego, Andrew, in his mind a touch of the supernatural never derailed a good relationship.

Married and living his own happy every after, Andy helps others find their happy endings in the pages of his stories. He and his husband of more than twenty years spend their days raising their daughter and rubbing elbows with other parents. Embracing his status as the gay dad, Andy sometimes has to remind others that one does want a hint of color even when chasing after their child.

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Anyta Sunday: A bit about me: I’m a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love. Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries. I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy. My books have been translated into German, Italian, French, and Thai.


Anyta and Andy have brought 3 copies of Better Have Heart to give away on their tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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