Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Bailey lives on nerves, stress, and success as the VP Associate of Sales for Blaumann, Glick, Schuler & Maxwell International. Lately, it’s been more stress than anything else as the company he works for has been shuffling around money, people, and resources as they prepare for a merger that will cost more than a few jobs. Bailey’s been promised that his position is safe, though, which is good. What isn’t good is coming face to face with the high school bully who made his life hell, outed him to his family, and now holds Bailey’s job in his slimy, scaly hands.

Jake, in a conversation that’s one half bullying, one half harassment and mocking, informs Bailey he’s being ‘invited’ to Vegas for a corporate retreat, an invitation Bailey certainly is in no position to refuse, especially not if he wants to keep his job. When Jake asks if the man in Bailey’s screen saver is his boyfriend, Bailey blurts out that yes, yes he is. Not only is his best friend and roommate, Gordo, now his boyfriend, he’s also a rocket scientist for Rolls Royce! Now Bailey has to get Gordo on the same page with him and hope he will be willing to play boyfriend for the weekend.

Bailey is one of those people whose energy level is always set to 11, who can focus with laser intensity on his work, and whose life is limited to work and home. His social circle is work friends, work acquaintances, and his roommate, Gordo. For the past two years Gordo has been living with him, he’s gotten to know the other man pretty well. He has no idea what he does for a living, but he knows the other man is kind, caring, and will (most likely) do whatever Bailey needs him to do. He’s also as straight as a ruler.

When Gordo not only agrees to come, but makes the entire thing fun, from watching the famous fountains from their window, to Gordo buying a shiny, tacky Elvis tote for himself when his backpack breaks, to stealing Bailey’s maraschino cherries, to buying a monstrously expensive suit just so he can go to dinner with Bailey’s work friends, it’s all somehow done in a way that makes Bailey’s heart melt. With the consideration and the kindness, Bailey doesn’t feel he deserves someone this good, this nice, this wonderful. And it goes from fun to something else when he realizes that he’s actually falling for his roommate.

This is a charming, funny, and cute novella that goes exactly where you expect, but does so well and with such a graceful ease. I was grinning at some parts, laughed once, and — all in all — enjoyed the read. I really like the author’s writing style and that, while Bailey is such a voice heavy character, he never came across as whiny or generic. I’ve added this author to my watch list and look forward to more of their work.