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Length: Short Story

Ben is not very happy about being on holiday by himself. However, poor Riley, his best friend, is recovering from emergency surgery so here Ben is at a beautiful resort during their annual BDSM week. Ben has always known he is a submissive and he is hoping that time spent away where inhibitions are not an issue for most will help him explore his deepest desires. But being alone is putting a damper on his quest for finding a Dom to play with because Ben’s natural shyness is taking over. Then he meets Rhys on the beach and things change—fast. Rhys is electrifying, lighting up Ben’s libido and ringing every bell inside him. But when Ben discovers that Rhys is keeping secrets, he is hesitant to trust the feelings he is having for the man. Can a holiday fling still turn into something more?

L.M. Somerton’s selection, Footprints in the Sand, from the Rules of Summer collection is a lusty bit of fun set in an Italian beach resort where everyone is in the BDSM lifestyle. Ben so covets learning more about that and is both excited and a bit nervous about being there by himself. BDSM is something that Ben has yet to explore, but he is sure he is a submissive—has always known it, in fact. When he meets Rhys, that certainty and excitement take over and make Ben bolder than ever.

This short story is a fun romp in the sand. Yes, there is a hint of insta-love and things happen rapidly (over the course of four days), but still it is a sweet and simple story that is chocked full of delicious sexy times and a cute romance. I must admit, I didn’t really buy into the passing worry Ben felt when he learned Rhys’ secret. I didn’t feel it was that much of a betrayal and the idea that it could derail their time together or any future plans isn’t really dwelled upon enough to give it merit in the story. I feel like it is thrown in there just to give the story a moment of angst, but is not explored enough to amount to anything in the end.

Still, Footprints in the Sand does the job it seems set out to do—gives up a sexy encounter, a bit of fairytale-like outcome, and a nice easy way to view what a new and simple BDSM relationship

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