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Length: Novel

Wade Anderson is moving back to Staten Island with his five-year old son after his divorce. He’s now realizing he shouldn’t have stayed away so long. Wade is staying with his sister while renovating his grandmother’s home and he had no idea the contractor he hired was Brendan Kelly, his close friend from high school. Wade hasn’t seen Brendan in 11 years and the two of them step right back into their friendship.

At thirty-two, Brendan thought his life would be more settled, but he hasn’t had the best luck with dating and hasn’t found the one yet. The contracting business he owns with his brother keeps him plenty busy, but Brendan still wants a solid relationship and a family. Brendan and Wade have never been attracted to each other, or to any man, and the attraction takes them both by surprise. What started out as two guys experimenting might turn out to be the love of a lifetime.

Isla Olsen continues the Love and Luck series with book 4, Brendan and Wade’s story. This series revolves around the many siblings in the Kelly family. The timelines for the books overlap and pieces of stories are introduced throughout the series. That is one of the things I like about this series and it would read best to start from the beginning of the series for the overall story arc of the family.

Wade and Brendan lost touch and they reconnect quickly. The entire book moves fast and their relationship escalates quickly. A night out has them wanting to experiment more and, at first, it’s all physical. But the men also like hanging out together and when they realize they are catching feelings as well, they both think it’s only them. Wade is also raising his five-year old son, who had enough cute page time to be visible, but didn’t take over.

The series features the entire Kelly family and the group texts are now to be expected. It’s great that given the number of siblings and the range in ages they all stay close and their family is a character in itself in this series. This book overlaps with previous stories and glimpses of what Brendan was going though in an earlier book are seen in more detail here.

This entire series is light and angst free overall. Sometimes maybe too light in some areas, as things like finances on a middle school teacher’s salary are not discussed at all and there is plenty of money for things that have a high price tag. The men also live and grew up in NY and some dialogue was not indicative of the region, which throws it off some.

The books always set up the next story for the next family member. The glimpses of what is to come next are worked in well and left me looking forward to the next book.

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