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Parker and Ronan grew up as best friends who fell for each other as teens. However, a tragic accident left Ronan with guilt he couldn’t get past and he isolated himself from everyone, including Parker. The men were apart for years, until they finally found their way back to each other. Now, Parker and Ronan are married and living in Cherry Creek, CO. While they have challenges, including Ronan’s multiple sclerosis, they are wildly happy and deeply in love.

Jonas grew up with a cold family and a father who made it clear he hated him. Jonas dreamed of leaving, of finding his own path, but his father’s emotional abuse has kept him trapped at home. Now Jonas is miserable, working for his father at a soulless corporation that makes money buying up land in small towns. His father has now sent Jonas to Cherry Creek to make friends with the locals and ultimately develop a plan for the best investment opportunities. However, Jonas has no stomach for the job anymore and all he really wants to do is find a way to stop his father from destroying yet another town.

When Jonas meets Ronan, he figures the guy is going to hate him for being the company representative. But Ronan is more open than Jonas expected, and Jonas finds himself drawn to the man. What is more surprising is that Ronan feels attraction in return. He never thought he could want anyone besides Parker, yet the glimmer of feelings are there with Jonas too. When Parker also feels an attraction to Jonas, the couple decide that they want to explore it more. Jonas enjoys the attention of both men, but he does worry about being in the outsider in such a close and loving relationship. However, Parker and Ronan know that there is room in their hearts for Jonas and they want him as part of their lives.

The men are slowly beginning to explore a relationship among the three of them when Jonas finds himself once again drawn into complications with his father. Now he has to figure out if he is ready to take a chance and move forward with the men he has grown to love.

Love Him Wild is the third book in E.M. Lindsey’ On the Market series. Along with Kate Hawthorne’s Room for Love series, the books take place in the town of Cherry Creek and characters from both series show up in each other’s books. We have met both Ronan and Parker in past books, though Jonas is a new character. The story spends time introducing the couple and sharing their backstory, so I think new readers could start here, but being familiar with the Cherry Creek universe definitely enhances the experience of reading any of these books.

As I said, while Parker and Ronan are already a couple when this story starts, Lindsey does spend time setting up their relationship. We see them as teens, and then after the fire that has them drifting apart. We also get time with both men while they are separated from each other, and then their ultimate reunion. We also get a shorter section giving us Jonas’ backstory, and both these histories cover about the first quarter of the book. I think this was really useful as it helps give us more foundation for Parker and Ronan’s relationship. Parker is a reader favorite, the guy who is often the center of attention and wildly irreverent. He is known for using his prosthetic arm to terrorize people by leaving it in weird places and generally being outrageous. Parker has mostly been comic relief in past stories, though, so I think it was nice to see him in more depth in this book. Knowing more about his background, seeing his past with Ronan, and getting to understand him better really helped to flesh out his character and give him more depth than we were able to see as a side character. Getting to know Jonas also helped to give some balance to his character so he wasn’t dominated too much by the existing couple.

I enjoyed these three men together. There is a tenderness that comes out in Parker and Ronan when they are with Jonas that I really liked. It is clear that the original couple is mad for one another, but they also have such a soft spot for Jonas and welcome him so lovingly into their lives. I appreciate that Ronan and Parker take time to check in with each other, and to really figure out if pursuing things with Jonas is right for them. And I appreciate that they give Jonas time (and he takes it) to get fully comfortable with his role.

I do wish we had more time to explore just what draws Parker and Ronan to Jonas in the first place. It is not just lust at first sight, it is an attraction to him as a person as well. But we don’t really see much of that early stage where they both suddenly realize that they want more with him. Given their feelings for one another and that they had never considered even casual threesomes, I did want to see that early connection developed a little more to get them to the point where we see them exploring whether this could be something that works for all three. I also felt like Jonas’ personal story didn’t feel fully resolved. A lot of what happens occurs off page and I felt like the build up with his father, as well as with the land threatened at Cherry Creek, gets resolved without much page time. For me, I wanted a little more focus here so I could feel more closure.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story and, as always, loved getting back to Cherry Creek. I think Lindsey does a great job showing these three men finding their happiness together and it was great to get stories for two long-time characters in this Cherry Creek world. I am very much looking forward to the next installment.

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