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Length: Novel

Motts is asexual, as well as autistic and aromantic. She is also vibrant and alive, bisexual, and quirky in a most interesting way.  She is surrounded with a caring ex-girlfriend, her brother, and a close cousin. The life she lives in the small seaside village, where her extended family lives, is one that speaks of her trying to be independent at nearly the age of forty. Her parents have the most difficult time of letting her go, for they worry she is not able to live on her own. Motts knows better and, even though she needs her routines to keep her from going off the rails into a panic attack and too many people crowding her do the same, she is able to live a life where she maintains her origami business and supports herself.

When Motts discovers a body in her garden, she just can’t let it go and allow the police to handle it. She has to pursue finding out who killed the woman buried there beneath the rocks, even if it means bringing danger around. Motts is determined to get the answer, not just because she is wired that way, but also because of the past death of a childhood friend that still haunts her memories. With her friends to help her and the village looking out for her, Motts is relentless in picking up clues, which she dutifully passes on to Inspector Teo Herceg.

I adore Teo. He is caring, smart, and just perfect for Motts. The little things we learn about him are just priceless and so much fun. His affections for Motts feel so genuine, as does the love that she receives from her friends. Between him, her besties, and the village folk, I think this story has just about everything one could want in a cozy mystery. The killer is not immediately apparent, but not too difficult to figure out, and the story moves along swiftly.

I can tell you that I am absolutely fascinated with how the author chose to build the character of Motts and, to a lesser extent, Teo. Poisoned Primrose is that perfect little novel one could enjoy on a rainy afternoon with a hot cup of tea. It’s a delightful morsel that left me eager to see more of the marvelous cast of characters who inhabit the quaint little town. I look forward to Motts’ next adventure.

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