Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Callie McIntyre is taking a walk in the woods to say goodbye, to say farewell to the past six months of grief and mourning as she puts her breakup behind her, and to open herself to the hope and happiness of the future. Instead, she finds someone in her favorite moonlit meadow in desperate need of comfort. Crying like her world has ended, Devon confesses that she was bitten by a werewolf, and now she’s just waiting for the inevitable when she turns into a bloodthirsty monster.

Instead of responding with shock or horror or even disbelief, Callie invites Devon to get some coffee with her and listens with her whole heart to Devon’s story. As someone who has never met a dream she didn’t think could come true, Callie is willing to give werewolves a chance. And if Devon needs help transforming, if she needs answers and help and a friend, Callie is right there for her.

Callie is a witch. She believes in the wisdom of the tarot, the power of meditation, and that doing good, putting kindness and gentleness and joy into the world, is what will bring the most happiness. She’s not a fool — no matter what her ex girlfriend, Melissa, thinks; she knows magic isn’t real, but her faith is as much a part of her as her heartbeat. It ties her to her mother and grandmother, to all of the women of her family who have practiced these traditions, and when Melissa encouraged her to get over it, to get past the trendy, childish pagan nonsense, Callie accepted the end of their relationship.

Devon, when she enters Callie’s life, is never once compared to Melissa. (Callie doesn’t even think about her ex, to be honest, more concerned with living in the here and now.) Devon is only, ever, who she is. She’s  warm and open and, like Callie, quick to act to help those around her. When a friend of Callie’s ex tries to make a scene, Devon is quicker to smile, comfort, and protect Callie, and help her through the confrontation. She stands between Callie and danger, but never once tries to stand in Callie’s way.

This short novella is like sugar frosting on top of a cookie. It’s sweet and cute and bite-sized and I really enjoyed reading it. Callie and Devon talk like real people and have a real, genuine chemistry. Even Noah, the werewolf who bit Devon, is treated with sympathy and humor and I ended up liking him almost as much as Callie. Really, this is just a charming story about werewolves and witches and friendship and I recommend this book, especially if you need a pick-me-up or just something sunny in your life. The writing is good, the pacing is good, and I’ve added this author to my watch list for future books.