Today I am so pleased to welcome Nora Phoenix to Joyfully Jay. Nora has come to share a cover reveal for her upcoming release, Press (White House Men 1). She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Gah, I am SO freaking excited to finally share more about my new series. I’ve been sitting on this for what feels like forever, so it’s high time I reveal more. Thanks so much, Jay, for having me here to show off my gorgeous cover.

My new series is called the White House Men series, and it centers on a group of men working in, you guessed it, the White House. Think The West Wing, but gay. If you’re as big a fan of that TV series as I am, you’ll love my new series.

The White House Men series will have both romance and suspense, and other than that, all the elements you can expect from a Nora Phoenix: complex characters, epic world building, hawt sexy times, a dash of kink, and all the feels.

Cover Reveal

Here’s the big cover reveal for Press, the first book in the series, which is about the forbidden romance between the assistant press secretary and a reporter (think CJ and Danny, for fans of The West Wing). Isn’t this cover amazing?

press cover



Curious to know more? Here’s what you can expect from Press, the first book in the series:

Levar Cousins is exactly where he wants to be. He loves working for the vice president as press secretary and has his eyes on the big podium. Once day, he’ll be briefing from the White House Press Room.

He can’t afford a distraction. Or a pesky attraction that proves to be far more stubborn than he’d counted on. Worse, those highly combustible sparks are with the very last person he should be falling for… Henley Platt, a well-known reporter who covers the White House.

Henley is smart and witty, and Levar loves sparring with him, but it gets harder and harder to keep their hands off each other. Even more once Henley shows his appreciation for the sexy lingerie Levar loves to wear.

Henley may not be Levar’s enemy, but he’s definitely not his friend. He can’t be, not when their jobs put them opposite each other. They’re rivals. Competitors. Absolutely off limits.

When the unthinkable happens and they lean on each other for support, the sparks become a raging fire that won’t be doused. What do they do now?

Press is the first book in the White House Men series, a romantic suspense MM romance series set in the White House. Each book has a happy ever after for the love story, but the suspense plot will continue throughout the books, so they need to be read in order. Please read the trigger warnings in the front of the book.


And to whet your appetite even more, you can find an exclusive excerpt below!

Levar rolled his eyes at him as Henley walked into his office. “We really should stop meeting like this. One more visit from you, and people will start to talk.”

Henley grinned at Levar’s dry wit. “Since it seems to be the only way we can meet, you don’t leave me with much choice.”

Wait, that had come out way flirtier than he had intended, and the slight widening of Levar’s eyes proved it. Crap. Would he take it the wrong way? Had he just risked the great working relationship he had with Levar?

“Yes, unfortunately my dance card is completely full…for members of the press.”

Thank fuck he’d taken it well. Henley inwardly sighed with relief. “That’s a shame because I think we would have made a great pair…on the dance floor. I do a mean rumba, I’ll have you know.”

They were both laughing now. “Personally, I’m more of the dirty dancing variety,” Levar said, then looked shocked as if he couldn’t believe he’d said that. Well, neither could Henley, so that made two of them. Somehow, they’d slid into flirting territory, and now that they had, Henley found himself reluctant to leave.

“Trust me, nobody would put you in a corner,” he said, his voice just a little breathless because holy shit, this was Levar he was flirting with. Super sexy, super hot Levar, who was also super off limits for too many reasons to count. So why did he want to keep flirting with him just a bit longer?

“What are we doing?” Levar asked softly, his voice hoarse. “We can’t do this.”<

Henley shrugged, holding his gaze. “Sure we can. It’s just…talking.”

“You were flirting,” Levar pointed out.

“So were you.”

“And you think that’s okay?”

“If this stays between us? Sure it’s okay. It’s harmless, Levar.”

Levar swallowed, his gaze lingering as took Henley in. “Yeah, somehow I doubt that. You don’t come equipped with a ‘harmless’ setting.”

Henley chuckled. “Is that a compliment?”

“Sure, if that’s how you wanna take it. I’m just saying, I’m not falling for your harmless routine. You make great white sharks look like potential pets.”

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