Today I am so pleased to welcome Eloreen Moon to Joyfully Jay. Eloreen has come to talk to us about her latest release, [title]. She has also brought along. a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Eloreen has written some questions and answers to share!

What was your first published work? 

My first published work was a free short story from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event, themed as “Love’s Landscapes” in 2014. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo they chose and authors in the group would pick the photo and story prompt that inspired them, and wrote a story based on that prompt. The prompt I chose had two photos and a prompt about a human prince to marry a griffon prince to end a war. Charon’s Dilemma was born from that story. If you are a member of Goodreads, it is still available on the site. I also provide it as a “thank you” for joining my newsletter.

Eventually, I’m probably going to revamp it with a new cover for it and publish it. It’s on my list of things to do this year.

My first published work, not in an Anthology and to a wider audience, was Together, self-published on Amazon.


What was the most valuable piece of advice you’ve had from an editor?

When she start highlighting how often you repeat words in the story. I had no idea until editing Together.


Who did your cover, and what was the design process like?

Emmy Ellis did my cover. Since she was also the editor, she had read it a few times. I told her what inspired me and what you see is the result. It was easy to work with her, and I had a great time. I like her style and may user her covers for future contemporary stories.


What other artistic pursuits (it any) do you indulge in apart from writing?

I read. A lot. I guess that is not really an artistic pursuit, but it is inspiring for me when I write. I also cross stitch, color in coloring books, and sometimes prune the roses around my house or garden. I occasionally draw but since I have carpel tunnel in my wrists, especially my right hand (dominant hand). Coloring pages or the cross stitch is about all I can do and most of that is for only an hour or two at a time.


What inspired you to write this particular story? What were the challenges in bringing it to life?

Emmy had put out a post on Facebook that I saw (friend of a friend, I think) asking for anyone who wanted to put together a person of color anthology compiled of stories about people of color, since there were not a lot of them out there. Those of use who said yes, got together in a Facebook group for the anthology and decided to do a charity for it with 50% of the proceeds to go to the charity. I believe it was about 20 of us. We published on Amazon and had a print of it (over 700 pages). After three months from that first publishing, some of the authors pulled their stories to publish on their own or publish independently. The second edition of the anthology with the authors that remain is available on Amazon and is called Beautiful Skin: A Person of Color Anthology. Together is in the anthology, and it has not changed significantly from the version.

It was interesting in working with other authors, some of whom have been around for a while. We had all different pairings, and ménages, including mainstream male-female romances. This was the first time I worked with Emmy both as an editor and cover artist. She did a fabulous job herding us cats. The challenge in writing this story was making sure I wasn’t doing stereotypical things and descriptions for a Jamaican and two Latino men. I’m a Caucasian genderfluid woman so I had one of the authors in the anthology beta read it for me on the person of color content. It was great working with her and correcting presumptions I had. It definitely helped me to be a better writer.


Star Trek or Star Wars? Why?

I like both but I lean more towards Star Trek. I’ve watched all the movies, most of the spin-off series, and really enjoy the universe. Check out Together as I’ve slipped in a Star Trek reference into the story. ?


What are you working on now, and when can we expect it?

Unfortunately, I have so many works in progress, I don’t know when I will finish them. Writing has taken a back seat for a while now, especially 2020, because of the full-time job and long hours with it. I hope that will ease up by the end of the year so I can get back into writing again. I get little tastes with my flash fiction writing each year, but that is fitting a themed story in 300 words or less. They are a lot of fun though despite being what I call micro fiction. The latest in Queer Sci Fi’s Flash Fiction annual anthology with speculative fiction releases early August on the 5th this year in eBook and paperback versions. It’s titled Innovation.


Victor has loved El and En since high school. The problem is, they love each other and only see him as a friend. Victor leaves town, unable to cope with watching them together, but now he’s back—and his heart still feels the same.

El and En have had feelings for Victor for a long time, they just haven’t said anything. After all, a poly relationship isn’t something society looks upon kindly. But that isn’t going to stop them, not now they understand what missing Victor is like. They want their third, no matter what anyone says—they just have to find out whether Victor is up for the challenge.

Together again, individually, the three men know they’re meant to be a trio. The thing is, who will say so first? And will the dynamic work if Victor joins a stable couple? Can Victor fit in and have the relationship he’s dreamed of with the two men who have held his heart in their hands for what feels like forever?

Find out in Together.


Eloreen Moon is a pen name for a writer, reviewer, proofreader, and reader of all things romance, including alternate lifestyle (LGBT) stories and novels. Inspiration is all around and life will not limit her to one particular topic.

Her first story published is Charon’s Dilemma with the 2014 Love’s Landscape event from M/M Romance group on Her second story to be published is also with the Don’t Read in the Closet’s (DRitC) 2015 Love is an Open Road event, with Coil Me Up. She also finished five 300-word shorts for the Discovery: QSF’s Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest, Flight: QSF’s Third Annual Flash Fiction Contest, Renewal: QSF’s Fourth Flash Fiction Contest, Impact: Queer Sci Fi’s Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Contest, and Migration: Queer Sci Fi’s Sixth Annual Flash Fiction Contest (QSF Flash Fiction Anthologies 1-5).

She likes to read and write a blend of #LGBTQ science fiction, fantasy, historical, paranormal, and sometimes more than one together, especially if romance is involved. However, cowboys, lawmen, and contemporary times are fun too. In Real Life, she works full-time, has a blended family with children, and enjoys gardening, computer games, and enjoying nature.


Eloreen has brought a $25 Amazon gift card to give away to one lucky reader on her tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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