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Today I am so pleased to welcome Sean Azinsalt and M.D. Gregory to Joyfully Jay. They have come to talk to us about the Grim and Sinister Delights series. Please join me in giving them a big welcome!


Once Upon A Time, a group of authors got together and reimagined classic fairy tales and stories with a dark MM twist! And they had a blast!

We are excited to announce the launch of The Grim and Sinister Delights Series. This new endeavor came out of last year’s Criminal Delights Series and contains many of the same authors. We enjoyed the experience so much we wanted to do it again. So, we did!

This time, instead of crime we decided to go in a different direction.

The Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You’ll find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks topics. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic story that you think you know, told in a way you have never seen before.

These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes. The stories are contemporary but keep that fantastical thread that all good fairy tales have!

Once upon a time…

A fairy tale or a tale of fairies! A story you could recite by heart, but still dread the inevitable outcome of the hero or heroine in that moment before they finally get their happy ever after.

Sit back, turn down the lights and prepare yourself to enter the dark and delicious world of Grim and Sinister Delights.

We are offering the first chapters of each book in a collection on ProlificWorks! Go here to download and get a taste of the series!


Release Dates

  • 1st Sept – Lisa Henry – Naked AmbitionA retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes (Grim Delights)
  • 4th Sept – Kate Sherwood- With A TwistA retelling of Oliver Twist (Sinister Delights)
  • 8th Sept – Sean Azinsalt – BoundA retelling of Rapunzel (Grim Delights)
  • 11th Sept – Rorie Kage – True Mate’s KissA retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Grim Delights)
  • 15th Sept – JP Sayle- The Elves and the Bondage DaddyA retelling of The Elves and the Shoemaker (Grim Delights)
  • 18th Sept – Emma Jaye- Pied Piper: A DeMMonica Dark RomanceA retelling of The Pied Piper (Grim Delights)
  • 22nd Sept – Alexis Jane – The Devil Told MeA retelling of Rumplestiltskin (Grim Delights)
  • 25th Sept – Brea Alepoú – Crimson Painted SnowA retelling of Snow White (Grim Delights)
  • 29th Sept – R. Phoenix- Shards of IceA retelling of The Snow Queen (Grim Delights)
  • 2nd Oct – Megs Pritchard – Beauty BoundA retelling of Beauty and the Beast (Sinister Delights)
  • 6th Oct – Adara Wolf – False FeathersA retelling of The Goose Maiden (Grim Delights)
  • 13th Oct – Leona Windwalker – The ReijorlingA retelling of A Little Princess (Sinister Delights)
  • 16th Oct – Abigail Kade – Consequences of CryingA retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf  (Grim Delights)
  • 23rd Oct – M.D. Gregory – A Merman’s TailA retelling of The Little Mermaid (Grim Delights)
  • 27th Oct – Dora Esquivel – The Black SeaA retelling of Abdullah and the Merman (Sinister Delights)


A Small interview with M.D. Gregory

What made you want to start the Grim and Sinister Delights Series?

Meg: We had so much fun doing Criminal Delights that we wanted to do something similar, but with a fairy tale aspect. A lot of authors who were interested started talking about wanting to do classic stories and so Grim and Sinister Delights was born! 😀

Why Fairy Tales and Classic Stories?

Meg: Fairy tales will always be an interesting story. It’s fun to see how many ways you can twist the premise, and I’d always been interested in the idea of “what would happen if I made a retelling as a dark romance?”. I thought about doing a series of my own, but then decided I’d enjoy it more if other authors got involved and did their own retellings and we can put it out as a series.

Was there a story you wished someone would have chosen?

Meg: Unfortunately, we had quite a few people who dropped out due to 2020 being the way it is. But I would have loved to have seen Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Cinderella. Maybe we can do another round in the future.

Tell us what we can expect from the series?

Meg: This series is dark romance, which means there will be all kinds of trigger warnings and morally ambiguous topics within these books. They do range in darkness though. Some are a lot lighter than others. Saying that, they are going to be all great! We have amazing authors who have joined up on this series and I’m so excited to see what everyone has come up with.

Who did the covers?

Meg: The covers were done by the lovely Mibl Art. They are one of my go-to designers.

See more about the books and authors on the website- https://www.grimsindelights.com/

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