Hi everyone! Well we are officially one week away from the start of our Sixth Annual Reading Challenge Month! Woo hoo! Hopefully you guys have seen our lead up posts, but in just in case, let me catch you up. Reading Challenge Month starts on September 7th and we will have four, week-long reading challenges. Each week, the folks at Joyfully Jay will be reading books that fit the weekly challenge. As readers, you guys can get involved two ways and not only have some fun, but win some fabulous prizes! First, you can earn a contest entry every time you leave a comment on a challenge review. You can also earn TEN additional entries each week by reading along with your own challenge book and writing a mini review at the end of the week. If you need more information, you can check out our Coming Soon post for overall information and our Prize Preview for more specifics on the prizes.

So, today we are going to talk about what we are reading, and help provide some direction for those of you still choosing your own books to read. Just to be clear, you can read one of the books we are reading, or you can pick your own challenge book. Either is totally fine. We just encourage you to play along by taking on the challenges along with us, with whatever book catches your eye. Honestly, it doesn’t even need to be a romance, so have fun with your choices! Every year I find some great books I may never have tried, so it can be a lot of fun (P.S. This is our reading list as of now, but it is possible things may change slightly.)

Week 1: Self Published Book Week (read a book that has been self published)

  • #20DaysToLA by Tanya Chris (Jay)
  • Tracefinder: Changes by Kaje Harper (Sue)
  • The B Side by B. Harmony (Veronica)
  • A Friend in the Dark by Gregory Ashe and C.S. Poe (Jay and Michelle)
  • All or None by Aurora Lee Thornton (Kris)
  • Second Helpings by Brandon Witt (Camille)
  • The Hero and the Hidden Royal by Renae Kaye (Jovan)
  • Taste by Christian Williams (Kenna)
  • Book of Orlando by Laura Lascarso (Michelle)
  • The Cranberry Hush by Ben Monopoli (Sammy)
  • Duke of Hand to Heart by Jackie North (Elizabeth)

If you are looking for your own Self Published book, check out our reviews of self published works here. I’ll note that many authors use a business name for their self publishing, so even though they are technically self pubs, they may use a publisher name and won’t necessarily show up on the list I just mentioned. But those are fair game as well, so feel free to pick any book as long as the author is publishing it themselves.

Week 2: New-to-Me Author Week (read a book by an author you have never before read)

  • Surviving the Merge by C.P. Harris (Michelle)
  • The Summer of Everything by Julian Winters (Sammy)
  • Solemn Contract by Morgan Cheshire (Sue)
  • Sweet Revenge by Tilly Keys (Kenna)
  • When Lightning Strikes by Darragha Foster (Elizabeth)
  • Lightning Dragon Strikes Out by Toshi Drake (Jay)
  • Hematoma by Matteo Polk (Jovan)
  • Cinderella Boy by Kristen Meister (Veronica)
  • Finding Tulsa by Jim Provenzano (Camille)
  • The Assistant by John Tristan (Kris)

If you are looking for your own New-to-Me Author book, check out our monthly Favorite Books posts! You’ll see the things we loved and maybe find a book you want to try! You can also look at our Favorites lists with some of our top picks in a variety of tropes, like rock stars, road trips, pirate stories, and more!

Week 3: Past/Future Week (choose a book that takes place either in the past or in the future — pretty much anything not present day is fair game!)

  • Young King Arthur and the Round Table Knights by Siryn Seung (Elizabeth)
  • Taking Stock by A.L. Lester (Camille)
  • Forbidden by Wayne Mansfield (Kris)
  • Manners and Mannerisms by Tanya Chris (Veronica)
  • Noble Metals by L.A. Witt (Jovan)
  • In the Solace by Hailey Turner (Jay)
  • Men of the Cross by Charlene Newcomb (Sue)
  • Blood Dance by Samantha Cayto (Sammy)

Check out our Historicals and our Futuristic/Science Fiction reviews if you want some ideas for what to read this week!

Week 4: TBR Pile Week (pick a book that has been on your To Be Read pile for a year — or that is at least a year old)

  • They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera (Michelle)
  • The Sea Ain’t Mine Alone by C.L. Beaumont (Kris)
  • Anhaga by Lisa Henry (Elizabeth)
  • Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling (Sue)
  • Stick and Poke by E.M. Lindsey (Jay)
  • American Fairytale by Adriana Herrera (Veronica)
  • The Prince’s Consort by Antonia Aquilante (Jovan)

If you want some ideas for older books, go to our Site Map and click the Monthly Archives drop-down in the right column to pull up reviews from previous years.

Hope you find some great books to read and will join us in having fun this month! If you know what you are reading and want to share, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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