Hi gang! Today, I am so excited for one of my favorite posts of the year… Reading Challenge Month Prize Preview! This is the time when I get to share the most amazing prizes donated by some incredibly generous authors and publishers. They will all be a part of our upcoming Reading Challenge Month, running September 7 – October 3.

Every year we have some fabulous publishers and amazing authors who help support our event with their generous prize contributions! As a reminder, the event is a series of four, week-long reading challenges. Each week has a sponsor and an accompanying prize. And then there is a huge grand prize at the end! Readers can enter to win prizes by commenting on our challenge reviews and/or by reading along any of the weeks with their own challenge books and writing a mini review at the end of the week (one entry per comment, 10 entries per read-along review). You can get more details on the event here, including this year’s reading challenges. Full rules and contest details will be upcoming as we get closer and it is never too soon to start picking your books!

Like I said, this year I was blown away by the fabulous prizes, and please let’s show our amazing sponsors some love.

Week 1: Self Published Book Week sponsored by some incredible authors! 
You guys, we had such an avalanche of support from our self published authors. They donated over 125 books for this week’s prize! The full list is below, so please check out the prize packages and show these authors some love!

Week 2: New-to-Me Author Week sponsored by JMS Books
JMS is giving away FIVE $20 gift cards to their book store

Week 3: Past and Future Week sponsored by Carina Press
Carina is donating two book bundles!

Giveaway #1: One winner will receive the following bundle of Carina Press titles – print copies will be given if the winner is based in North America / eBook copies will be given if the winner is international.

  • AMERICAN DREAMER by Adriana Herrera (Dreamers , book#1)
  • AMERICAN FAIRYTALE by Adriana Herrera (Dreamers, book #2)
  • BURN ZONE by Annabeth Albert (Hotshots, book #1)
  • HIGH HEAT by Annabeth Albert (Hotshots, book #2)
  • OFF THE ICE by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn (Hat Trick, book #1)
  • GOALIE INTERFERENCE by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn (Hat Trick, book #2)

Giveaway #2: One winner will receive the following bundle of Carina Adores titles – print copies will be given if the winner is based in North America / eBook copies will be given if the winner is international.

  • THE GIRL NEXT DOOR by Chelsea M. Cameron
  • THE HIDEAWAY INN by Philip William Stover (Seasons of New Hope, book #1)
  • JUST LIKE THAT by Cole McCade (Albin Academy, book #1)
  • HAIRPIN CURVES by Elia Winters

Week 4: TBR Pile Week sponsored by Tantor Audio
Tantor is donating a bundle of audio books! TWO winners will each will all three audiobooks! (Books will be provided via audiobooks.com codes)

  • Sticky Fingers by Davidson King
  • Bishop: A True Lover’s Story by A.E. Via
  • Pink Bean Series: Books 1-3 (Book 1 in the Pink Bean Box Set series) by Harper Bliss

And for our Grand Prize (and it’s a big one), sponsored by the fabulous folks at NineStar Press…
***** A Kindle Paperwhite loaded with 50 books! Yes! 50! The winner can choose their books, or allow NineStar to select for you! 

Stay tuned next week where we will share what we are reading here at the blog for the challenges. And be sure you are picking out your own books to read along with us and get bonus entries for these fabulous prizes. And speaking of which, here are all the prize bundles for Self Published Book Week…

Package 1
New Addiction April Kelley
Queens of the Apocalypse Rob Rosen
Winner’s choice Alicia Graybill
Winner’s choice BA Tortuga
Winner’s choice Eden WInters
Wild Lemon Groves Selina Kray
Mayfair Model series Claire Castle
Winner’s choice Victoria Sue
Work-Love Balance Allison Temple
Winner’s choice Kate Hawthorne
Winner’s choice Elle Keaton
Winner’s choice Lynn Michaels
Winner’s choice
Charlene Newcomb


Package 2
Winner’s choice (choice of ebook or paperback for UK/EUR, ebook everyone else) Anna Martin
Winner’s choice Eliot Grayson
When I First Saw Red Kasia Bacon
Bent Corners Kris Jacen
Winner’s choice LA Witt
Winner’s choice Valerie Ulmer
Loving Him Drea Roman
Winner’s choice HL Day
Winner’s choice EM Denning
Gunnar’s Guardian Pandora Pine
His Convenient Husband or Unforgettable Robin Covington
Home Improvement Tara Lain
Winner’s choice Jodi Payne


Package 3
Joker’s Sin series books 1 & 2 Davidson King
Winner’s choice RJ Scott
Winner’s choice Colette Davison
Winner’s choice BL Maxwell
Winner’s choice
Annabelle Jacobs
Uncommon Ground Kelly Jensen
Winner’s Choice Skylar M Cates
A Vampire’s Heart Kayleigh Sky
Rebuilding Hope Jessie G
Tasty LE Franks
Winner’s choice Gregory Ashe
Winner’s choice K. Evan Coles
Winner’s choice (choice of ebook or paperback for UK/EUR, ebook everyone else) Anna Martin


Package 4
Winner’s choice Garret Leigh
Winner’s choice Alex Jane
A Much Younger Man ZA Maxfield
Grounded Teodora Kostova
The Garden of Two Vicki-Anne Bush
Heart2Heart vol 4 Leslie Copeland
Winner’s choice Abigail Kade
Winner’s choice Kaje Harper
Winner’s choice Lily Morton
Winner’s choice Ruby Moone
Collateral Damage Miski Harris
Winner’s choice Katey Hawthorne
Winner’s choice Jay Hogan


Package 5
Winner’s choice VL Locey
Room 629 Vicki-Anne Bush
Winner’s choice Layla Reyne
Winner’s choice Brigham Vaughn
Winner’s choice Jeff Adams
Too Close OR Guilded Cages R. Phoenix
Winner’s choice Noah Steel
Scrambling Lex Valentine
Vespers OR Haunted (ebook) OR Lost and Found (ebook/paperback)
Liv Rancourt & Irene Preston/Liv Rancourt
Easy Ryder
Deanna Wadsworth
Winner’s choice
Brittany Cournoyer
Winner’s choice Charlie Novak
Surviving the Merge CP Harris


Package 6
Song of the Ancients Sandy Wright
Winner’s choice Rebecca Cohen
A Change of Pace Melanie Jayne
Saving a Life Vicki-Anne Bush
Winner’s choice Lane Hayes
Revolutionary Heart series Janice Jarrell
Winner’s choice Helena Stone
Winner’s choice Alie Nolan
Winner’s choice Lynn Van Dorn
Winner’s choice SJ York
Your Move Ravyn Salvador
Pirates of Flaundia series KT Grant


Package 7
Love & Lies Viva Gold
Winner’s choice Ethan Stone
Winner’s choice Bill Mathis
Winner’s choice Jackie Keswick
Working Girl Shana Gray
Playing it Out Straight Andrew McQuinn
Winner’s choice Jay Northcote
The Less Than Spectacular Times of Henry Milch
Marshall Thornton
Ryder’s Guardian
Ann Lister and TL Travis
The Dusk Chronicles Vicki-Anne Bush
Death and Destruction Patricia Logan
Winner’s choice Kelly Fox
A Change of Pace Melanie Jayne


Package 8
Caulky KM Neuhold
Winner’s choice Beth Bolden
Winner’s choice Keira Andrews
Cutting Cords Mickie B. Ashling
Sweet Tea and Sympathy Shane K. Morton
Hemingway’s Notebook Jackie North
Winner’s choice Amy Aislin
Winner’s choice Kiki Clark
Secret Admirer DJ Jamison
Winner’s choice Laura Lascarso
Winner’s choice CS Poe
Winner’s choice Michael Bailey
Lightning Dragon Strikes Out Toshi Drake


Package 9
Winner’s choice Nic Starr
Runt of the Litter NJ Lysk
Trust Emily Alter
Winner’s choice LJ Hayward
The Curse of the Mummy’s Heart Julia Talbot
See Me TL Travis
Winner’s choice Brina Bradly
Winner’s choice NR Walker
Winner’s choice Luna David
Winner’s choice Maggie Decker
Winner’s choice Ari McKay
Scandanvian Comfort series Sophia Soames


Package 10
Winner’s choice Charlie Cochrane
Winner’s choice Stella Rainbow
WInner’s choice Grace Duncan
Born for Leaving Mia Kerick
Choice of book from Hours of NIght Irene Preston
WInner’s choice Sean MIchael
Gone Away Elizabeeth Noble
Winner’s choice Clare London
Winner’s choice Beth Laycock
Winner’s choice EJ Russell
Winner’s choice Suki Fleet
Winner’s choice Sera Trevor
A Change of Pace Melanie Jayne


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