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Darren is sure the young man who is wearing pajama bottoms and carrying the largest tub of cheese balls he has ever seen is not only too young, but probably completely wrong for him as well. Still, the man is the most gorgeous thing Darren has ever seen. Then the guy, Chance, opens his mouth and Darren can’t seem to think straight. For the entire flight, Darren reveals more about himself with a complete stranger than he ever has before. It all leads to an exchange of phone numbers that Darren refuses to let himself use.

When fate intervenes, the two men meet up at an auction Darren is running for one of the charities his foundation supports and soon Darren and Chance are agreeing to see one another. However, they will keep it to themselves, because they both know deep down they might not ever fit into each other’s worlds. When the bubble around them finally breaks and Chance can no longer deny that he wants Darren to let everyone know they are a couple, the world comes crashing down around them and they realize they may not have a future together after all.

A Chance at Love is an age gap romance that is long on sweet and short on angst. Darren’s world is a wealthy one where he rubs shoulders with the rich and runs a foundation that invests in many charities. Chance is in a Ph.D. program and hails from a family farm in Texas—a far cry from the glitzy world Darren is used to. But with Chance, Darren is finally able to just be himself and let go of the control he normally craves. In the bedroom, in particular, Chance rules the roost and Darren loves it. Theirs is an easy and lighthearted relationship, as long as they keep the world from intervening. But when Darren crosses that line and brings Chance to one of his charity dinners, the younger man is forced to face the fact that he may never really fit into Darren’s world.

I like these two characters equally and, while this is most definitely a case of instant attraction and, yes, probably insta-love, as well, I still felt the struggle they both had over fitting into each other’s lives is a realistic one. The cocoon they create is a nice one with some very tender and fun moments and lots of sex. My problem with this story is that I felt it took  a bit too long to really see any significant movement in the plot. The novel floats for a long time with this happy getting to know you period where both men actually avoid revealing too much about themselves (at least Darren does). There is just a ton of sex in mostly public places, which pushes Darren’s buttons and his boundaries, and not a whole lot else for over fifty percent of the book. So, in essence, the story is long on intimacy and short on actual plot.

Other than that problem I thought both men are enjoyable to learn about and their story is a nice one. A Chance to Love is a sweet story that doesn’t really break any new ground in the romance genre and is a bit slow in terms of pacing, but otherwise those looking for a sexy love story may find it just the right book for them.

Note: This story is a republication of a book by the same title released May 2018

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