Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Dylan “Dill” Best is good at his job as a wedding planner. He knows the job is stressful, but dealing with the Walker family is testing the last of his patience. The high-profile wedding is supposed to make a bigger name for the family business Dill runs with his brothers, and there is one week left until the big day. Needing some stress relief, Dill hooks up with a guy that he can’t forget. He doesn’t think he will ever see Griff again, but Griff is Griff Walker, the best man in the wedding party. Dill and his brothers have a rule not to mix business and pleasure, but Dill and Griff can’t help but be drawn to each other.

Griff left home and his family years ago and mostly cut ties with them. He had no interest in being part of their small-minded ways. He is still close with his brother’s fiancé, Beth, and he returns home for her to take part in the wedding, even if Griff can’t understand why Beth is marrying someone as awful as his brother. But Griff is also having his own crisis. He can’t stop thinking about Dill and their one night together and all the plans he wants to make with the man. But Griff is not out and he’s leaving town again at the end of the week, although his heart is telling him to stay with Dill for good.

Best Laid Plans starts this new series about the Best brothers and their wedding planning business. This first book is a light read with no angst and the guys hook up in chapter one. Dill is fine for a hook up and he never thinks he will find the one, but Griff is in an entirely different place. Griff isn’t out, he’s never told anyone that he is gay, and we learn early on that he is a virgin, although this doesn’t seem to have any impact on how his relationship progresses with Dill and that was not explored. Griff is nervous to be with a guy for the first time and then Dill is everything he always wanted.

There are several storylines going on at the same time that converge on each other. The main one is Dill and Griff sorting out their feelings and falling for each other. The other is Griff’s brother, Jason’s, wedding. At first, it seems like a high-priced wedding with the wealthy Walkers making everyone’s life as awful and stressful as possible. But then it takes a turn and we know something else is going on and everyone is keeping Beth, the bride, from any alone time with Griff. It was never clear why this was happening and the reveal of what was going on with the wedding didn’t match up with this part of the story. And the reveal of what was going on with Jason was cliché and seen lots of times. Also, for as wonderful as Griff made Beth out to be, Jason was awful and she was with him for 8 years and that didn’t make much sense.

This book is high on the insta-love scale and you have to go with Griff rearranging his life after barely a week and the men being in love forever and always in just a few days. I liked the guys together, but this story is more about them getting together than them being together. The Best Men, Inc, trilogy will continue with Dill’s brothers and this series seems to be low angst set around the world of wedding planning.