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Length: Novel

Tony Blake and his brother, Wyatt, own a premier food truck whose stature has risen in light of the promotion experienced when Wyatt married an openly gay Dodgers player. Wyatt is currently under contract to write a cookbook, so he hires an experienced line chef, Lucas, to assist Tony in running their food truck. Tony thought Wyatt was setting him up with Lucas, and is a little disappointed it’s just business. Lucas is the first man Tony’s been instantly attracted to since breaking up with his last boyfriend several months ago.

Lucas has had no interest in a relationship with any man since…ever. He’s determined to make a profitable business of his natural energy bars, and won’t let attraction distract him from that goal.  Wyatt’s promise that Lucas can use the truck’s commercial kitchen on off-days to make batches of bars is a big reason he accepted the position. He’s not happy working with Jeremy, the other line cook who has a serious crush on an oblivious Tony. Truck work is tense, not only because the growing attraction between Tony and Lucas, but also because someone is robbing the food truck in off hours and Jeremy keeps accusing Lucas.

Drive Me Crazy is the first book in the Food Truck Warriors series about food truck owners in the LA area, and is a spin-off of the Kitchen Gods series. While this story is told by both Lucas and Tony, I didn’t really get a different flavor from these guys. The central dilemma seemed trite, and it was not helped by pacing slowed by Tony and Lucas frequently repeating the objections to getting involved. Tony (rightfully) thinks it’s bad form to have relations with his employee, while Lucas is only out for a fling, wanting to keep his eyes on his prize of a distribution contract for his energy bars. I did like the story, but I found myself struggling to stay engaged due to these repetitive moments. Both narrators were too verbose for me, and I will admit to wanting, at times, to skim ahead to get to some action. We do meet potential MCs for future stories in the end, but I’m not currently tempted to read on. I was honestly more intrigued about the vegan recipes Lucas developed for Tony’s food truck than these interpersonal relationships.

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