Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Hazard and Somerset: Off Duty, Volume 2 features short stories set throughout different times of the Union of Swords series. As the title suggests, it gives a closer look at Hazard and Somers when they are not working and having fun as only they know how. Some of these moments are some of their best moments and it’s also a fun experience to see these two men interact when no one is supposed to be looking.

John-Henry Somerset: Sold! – John Henry, always looking to do good, enters into a charity bachelor auction. The problems are that John is not a bachelor and he didn’t tell Emery until right before it started. Emery is beside himself with jealousy, but when John needs help, Emery is always there. I do wonder why people tend to overlook the fact that John is in fact a police officer sometimes.

Pretty and Pink and Perfect – It’s Evie’s birthday and Emery is determined to make it perfect. He loves the little girl fiercely and will let no one and nothing get in the way of the party being absolutely perfect—that is, perfect by Emery Hazard’s standards.

Pride Slays Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is coming up, the first for the men as a couple. Emery will tell you all the reasons why he shouldn’t celebrate the holiday and tensions rise. But when John wants pie, Emery will do anything to make things right with John.

Santa: A Cultural Hegemony – Emery on the many reasons he won’t dress up as Santa when asked, and an Emery explanation of why kids shouldn’t believe in Santa. However, Emery can put that all aside for the magic he sees in Evie’s eyes.

Valentine’s in Six Beats – This is a do-over Valentine’s Day to make up for the one that went sideways previously. Emery sets up an elaborate role play that is sweet and cute and shows exactly what lengths he will go to show John how much he cares.

Emery’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt John-Henry tries to turn the tables on Emery for nostalgia birthday fun with heart.

Hazard and Somerset: Off Duty – The last story takes place after The Keeper of Bees as Emery and John take a tropical vacation. Of course, nothing can go exactly to plan, but the men are more in love than ever and sometimes it’s the quiet moments that shine the best. The ending-whoa!-ends with a revelation that I caught onto at the exact same moment John did and sets up another series, Hazard and Somerset: Arrows in the Hand, for more with John and Emery and that is the best news yet!

The men have come so far separately and together since the first book that introduced them and the depth of character and relationship development guided by Ashe’s talented hands is exceptional. This is a definite series to check out.