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Dayton Daniel has heard all his life how stupid he is, how he will never amount to anything, how he will never succeed. A severe learning  disorder complete with dyslexia prevents Day from ever learning how to read. Having left school early, his friend Sarah is the only person who ever believed in him. Unfortunately, she has cystic fibrosis and is on a waiting list for new lungs. Their dream is to go to California together where Sarah will become a big star and Day her manager. But fears of being turned out for tricks by his drug-addicted grandmother push Day to take off on his own. He will go to their dream land and wait for Sarah to arrive.

Once there, Day is taken in by a seemingly nice man and allowed to live for free in a rundown motel. The caveat? He must give the guy blow jobs whenever he wants them. Still, it could be worse and Carl helps Day set up his own cam site where he makes money by selling off views of his body. When Sarah finally arrives, all seems good until something terrible happens, leaving Day alone again. Then, Day witnesses a murder and suddenly everything changes.

Jackson Avery is used to having his orders followed. As the head of Elite Protection Services, he runs a rather interesting crew of top notch investigators and security men. When he is asked to do a favor by one of his deceased father’s cop buddies, Jackson reluctantly takes on the case. Nothing, however, can prepare him for meeting Day, a fiery, frustrating, camboy who is as gorgeous as he is sassy. Jackson’s gut is never wrong and it’s telling him this kid is going to be trouble, but it’s also telling him that despite their nearly twenty-year age difference, Day is the one for him—the one he’s been waiting for all his life. Now, if he can only convince Day he’s worth the attention.

Onley James teams up a mischievous lonely boy with a calm, wealthy Daddy in the latest release in the Elite Protection Services series, aptly named, Infuriating. If you have read any of the series then you know the earmark of a James novel is the lead characters and their penchant for hot and uniquely twisted sexual proclivities. It’s dirty, sexy fun and often pairs an age gap couple with the boy needing a firm hand to keep him in line. This one is no different, but I must say, like the other young men, Day’s backstory nearly broke my heart. These novels have many triggers for those who suffer from past abuse—in Day’s case, it is mental, physical, and verbal. He also deals with survivor’s guilt and low self-worth. With mile high walls around his heart, Day is a challenge and a half for poor Jackson to convince he is worth any effort to love.

I happen to love this series and this latest story is no different. Jackson and Day are perfect together. As Daddy/boy relationships go, theirs is hot both in and out of the bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t live the lifestyle twenty-four/seven, but they certainly turn it on and off with regularity and the result is always over-the-top sexy. It is also emotionally satisfying to see how these two men come to love each other as Day slowly realizes Jackson is determined he is the one. Everything clicks in this book, from the feisty battle of wills between Day and Jackson, to the murderous stalker whose identity remains a mystery until the end. The action is fast paced, the loving smoldering hot, and the evolution of Day from a lost and fearful waif to a strong and loving partner is delightful to watch.

Infuriating is another excellent novel in a series that continues to find unique ways to present sexual kink and age gap romance. It should be read as part of the series and not as a standalone, in my opinion. I highly recommend it to you.

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