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Length: Novella

Put together three horny med students — one calculating, one frustrated, and one that is willing to try anything — and you have a mix of personalities that will ignite the page, and so it does in Willa Oakti’s novella, It Takes Three. Geoff is going out of his mind trying to study for the test that will see him through to his residency. It is vital, but he just can’t focus. So when Aurelien offers to help him relieve some stress and brings along his friend, Ross, Geoff decides he is in. What he never expects is for the three of them to click on more than just a physical level. But it is too soon; they barely know one another and Geoff has to ace this test, he can’t be distracted. Then a freak accident calls the men into action and somehow all thoughts of leaving the other two guys behind evaporates. What begins as a one night stand and a horny threesome soon morphs into something more—but can it last?

Sharing details about the twenty-four hour sex marathon and the subsequent emotional revelations that spring up from it with all three voices is a unique way to present what could have been nothing more than a sexy one night threesome. At first, it looks as though Okati is going to let just Aurelien and Geoff narrate the story. However, soon enough we get a chapter or two by Ross, whom I think I love the most, by the way, and suddenly we get a full view of just how the night is impacting every one of the guys. I have to say, I really enjoy this particular aspect of the novella. Getting the viewpoint of all three men makes this more of a burgeoning polyamory love story than just a sexy one off.

The author uses the chapters to also give a brief backstory on all three men and their reasons for why they are pursuing medical licensure. Once that begins to happen, It Takes Three becomes more than a piece of erotic fluff and begins to turn into an actual story that I really wish could have been longer. There is a lot left to explore about these men and the tease we are given is just enough to spike the interest. We do learn the reason for Geoff’s anxiety and need to make the grade, as well as some interesting tidbits about Ross and Aurelien, but still I really wanted to know more.

It Takes Three is a deceptively short novella that packs an emotional punch and is full of surprises. If there is a story I would love to see expanded, this one would be it.

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