Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

It’s been a whirlwind romance for Bodhi Locke and Morgan Cooper. Morgan is a well-known, well-liked star of a very popular TV series and Bodi is an agent with the FBI. You wouldn’t think the two men would have much in common, but the chemistry is undeniable. While at a Tanglewood party — a family friendly company with a fairly G-rated product — Morgan spends much of his time whispering filthy things in Bodhi’s ear, and it’s all he can do to not fall to his knees at Morgan’s feet then and there. But all party plans are put on hold when Crystal Parish, a co-star of Morgan’s, goes missing.

Bodhi may be used to putting an emotional distance between himself and his cases, but for Morgan, it’s all too personal. Their relationship is still fairly new and very secret, and Morgan has been delighting in showing off his world, the world of glitz, glamour, and fancy cars, fine wines, and expensive dinners. Now, for the first time during their whirlwind romance, Morgan is given a glimpse into Bodhi’s world. It’s not just a childhood actress who may or may not have run away from controlling parents, it’s also loving someone who wears a gun, who has been shot at, who may be killed by something silly or stupid. It’s frightening how much of his heart Morgan has put onto a man he might lose.

Bodhi is good at his job. He’s patient, attentive, and doesn’t rush into things … well, most of the time. He’s certainly rushed into this relationship, already moving into Morgan’s enormous house, being driven around in his fancy Porsche, attending his parties … and, at times, he feels like he doesn’t belong. Bodhi knows who he is, and that is an agent with a demanding job who just happens to be completely head over heels in love with Morgan Cooper. When Morgan has a hold of his tie and tells him to bend over, Bodhi is more than ready and willing. There’s just one catch. They have to keep this relationship a secret for both their sakes.

Morgan is used to being famous. He knows how to smile and turn on the charm, he knows how to have a good time at boring parties, he knows the gossip and the secrets and has both friends and friendly acquaintances at these parties. Morgan likes to have fun, on his terms. He’s always in control, always keeping himself safe. But Bodhi makes him feel … nervous, like a kid with his first crush. He wants to show off, he wants to please, he wants to charm and be charming, and it unsettles him how much Bodhi makes him feel. The first time he says I love you, he says it to an empty room … but that doesn’t stop him from meaning it.

This book starts with Bodhi and Morgan already in a relationship, though they’re still in the honeymoon phase. It’s all illicit sex, seeing how far they can get without getting caught, and learning what the other person likes. They still don’t know their limits, but Morgan is inventive and Bodhi is willing and I imagine future installments will have the two men exploring their physical intimacy as much as their emotional one.

I found Bodhi’s wide-eyed surprise at how Hollywood treats people to be a little unbelievable. To be surprised that stars get stalker fan mail? To be surprised that most teenaged characters on television are played by older actors? Or how prevalent paparazzi are? Other than that small nitpick, the story was well paced and well written and I found that Bodhi and Morgan made for an entertaining couple. The resolution of the missing child actress is fairly straight forward, with everything tied up in a neat bow. It’s a nice, light read and, overall, I enjoyed it.

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