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Griffin Kloss’ mother’s health is declining quickly and he’s back in Ft. Lauderdale to take care of her. But since he’s currently unemployed, Griffin’s trying to make the hard decision whether he should move back permanently to help her out. However, it’s hard to deal with her when she constantly brings up things that can’t be true. Needing to get away, Griffin heads out to a bar to forget about everything for a while.

Jackson Frost is taking a chance, visiting Ft. Lauderdale for spring break with his friends. Through a twist, he ends up at the same bar as Griffin, and the two men have an instant connection. After a night of passion, they part ways with plans to meet up again. But Griffin’s mother takes a turn for the worse, and a distraught Griffin can’t get in touch with Jackson.

When they end up meeting up again, there’s no doubt the men are drawn to one another. Jackson is there for Griffin, and though he’s keeping a big secret, all is revealed. Griffin can’t really believe it, even though when he looks inside himself, he finds the truth, and soon realizes that Jackson might just be the one for him.

I thought the blurb on this book sounded interesting and I liked the twist here with this story. The writing was a little choppy at times, but the MCs were well drawn and well rounded. But I did have some issues with the plot as a whole, as well as some of the secondary characters.

I liked the MCs, which made this book easier to read. Both Griffin and Jackson have their baggage, but they also are both looking for connection. I thought the author did a good job fleshing both these guys out, and I understood where they were coming from. It was also easy to see and feel their connection, and there was no doubt that these guys were drawn to each other. The romance was the most believable part of this whole story.

Jackson’s friends are stereotypical frat boys, and caricatures at times as well. But it fit who they were and their purpose in the story. Griffin’s mother was another matter, and her story was more heartbreaking. There was a lot going on with her, between her and Griffin, and what Jackson was able to do. Between the friends and the mother, I felt like there was too much going on for the length of the story, and because of that, some things were left unresolved or weren’t given enough time and attention. These elements felt squished into the story, and while some of them added to the plot, I would have rather seen fewer extra things and more focus on the central plot.

Speaking of which, Jackson secret wasn’t actually a surprise. Miles laid enough clues that it was easy enough to figure out exactly what was going on. Because of this, it felt like it dragged on a little too long for me. This slowed the pace somewhat. In the second half of the book, three major things happen, one of which is the reveal. My problem here was there weren’t enough details laid for two of events, so they felt like they almost came out of nowhere, although one was explained after the fact. It made the ending feel rushed, so the pacing on the whole was off for me.

But I did like the MCs and their relationship, and I thought it was fun take on an interesting theme. The connection between Griffin and Jackson was strong and carried the book for me, and they get a very solid HFN ending.

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