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Length: Novella

Hélène and the entire crew of The Swift were evacuated and waiting for the all clear to reboard. When that call never came, they were all stranded on escape pods. Hélène waited and followed The Swift, hoping for communication, but when The Swift unexpectedly flew off, Hélène and her scarce crew were left deep in space with low supplies and little hope.

Making their way to a hard landing on an alien moon, Hélène and the crew battle the elements to getting communications working. But Hélène is not good at being with people and the tension and close quarters of teaming up with others is testing Hélène in ways she doesn’t want to examine. The crew is running out of time and Hélène is more interested in shutting down than opening up. While life has not been easy for Hélène, she still has some hard truths to face about herself and the way she has treated others, especially someone who was once special to her. If she can find a way back home, Hélène may have a chance to start to make amends and figure out what’s next.

Supernova Soul follows Like the First Moon Landing and shows the story of The Swift from the POV of Hélène and those that were evacuated. Maggie, Hélène’s ex-wife, made her way onto The Swift after Hélène and the crew disappeared. Maggie knows the story, and we learned it as well in the first book, but Hélène and the crew have no idea what happened and now they are struggling to survive.

The core of the book is about the crew trying to find a way to survive and return home. They battle hostile elements and each other to find a way to hang on and hope for rescue. The survivors have never worked together before, barely know each other, and tensions rise quickly when truths are revealed.

We learn more from Hélène about her difficult background and her split from Maggie. When Maggie made the choices she did, Hélène could only see how it affected herself and didn’t think to see any of it from Maggie’s POV. While Hélène is determined and focused to survive and return home, she is forced to look at herself and how her own actions have caused pain to others.

This book is not a romance and there is no romantic interest for Hélène at this time. It’s a survival story and a story of looking at the bigger picture of Hélène’s choice and actions.

I liked seeing the other side of the story and how Hélène and the remaining crew members were fighting with everything they had to survive. We see Maggie again, as well, and get a little more closure on her story, which was rewarding to see. However, I am not sure where this story goes from here. Not everything is tied up or resolved and there is incomplete closure. It certainly feels like there could be more for Hélène and the overall story, but there was no indication of anything further for this series. For the story that was told, I was intrigued, as Metzger tells an interesting tale with a diverse cast in a deep space environment.

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