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Josh is fine. Really, he’s fine. Everyone keeps asking how he is and he’s fine. He survived cancer and he will survive his ex’s wedding weekend, as he knew they were never right for each other anyway. If only everyone would stop asking him how he is. Josh will take the edge off with a few shots and kissing a gorgeous bearded stranger. But the guy isn’t exactly a stranger. It’s Connor, his ex’s brother and Josh hasn’t seen him in 8 years. Although Connor could be everything Josh ever wanted, his ex’s brother should be off limits. But Connor isn’t backing down.

Connor remembers Josh, although he didn’t recognize him at first and Connor likes how Josh grew up. Connor calls frequently asking Josh out and when Josh receives another call, he thinks it’s just one more attempt at a date. But Connor needs help this time as he is completely thrown to learn he has an infant son. Josh is trying hard to turn Connor down, but watching him with his son is only making Josh want to see more.

Two Men and a Baby brings us to book 5 in the Love and Luck series set around the Kelly siblings. Josh is Declan’s ex, who we met in a previous book, and Connor is a middle brother that has been living out of state.

The entire series is angst free, but this book may be the easiest going of them so far. Josh and Connor reconnect and, even though Josh puts him off at first, they are still spending time together. Connor finds out he has a baby from a one-night stand and the mother is fine with handing her son over to someone that is basically a stranger. Josh is fine with this too. Everything falls into place for Connor at his new job and when Josh agrees to officially date Connor, it’s all good all the way around.

Josh was a little bland to me and Connor was made out to be the perfect guy in every way. I like the Kelly family, although this book had less contact with them as a whole, though the family chats are still there. The book takes place in NYC and the boroughs and the guys all grew up in NY, yet there is non-American language and style mixed in such as “She’s still in hospital,” and “Paracetamol,” which really breaks the flow of the story for me and at this stage of my reading experience, I have little patience for.

While this wasn’t my favorite book of the series, the Kelly family and the Love and Luck series offers a close family with angst-free stories of the siblings finding their forever men. I do like reading about them and seeing the stories overlap and I will look forward to the next visit with the Kelly family.

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