Today I am so pleased to welcome Rachel Reid to Joyfully Jay. Rachel has come to talk to us about her latest release, Common Goal. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



Common Goal is the fourth book in my Game Changers m/m hockey romance series. This book revisits some of the characters in the first book, Game Changer, but focuses on a new couple. Eric Bennett is just about to turn forty-one, and has started his final season as an NHL goaltender for the New York Admirals. He is also recently divorced, and is interested in exploring his bisexuality for the first time. Kyle Swift is the twenty-five-year-old bartender/grad student who Eric can’t stop thinking about.

This scene is from the second chapter, where Eric is attending the engagement party of his best friend and teammate, Scott Hunter, and Scott’s fiancé, Kip. The party is held at the Kingfisher, the gay bar where Kyle works. Eric has been furtively ogling Kyle all night, and Kyle has been shamelessly flirting with Eric. Eric’s teammate, Carter Vaughan, checks in on him to make sure he’s having a good time.


“How are you holding up?” Carter asked. The playful glint in his eyes softened to something more like concern. “Is this hard for you?”

Eric took a moment to consider his question. He liked to consider every question before answering. “A little. Maybe. Not that I’m not happy for Scott, but I’ve been thinking about my own wedding, I guess.”

The teasing sparkle was back in Carter’s eyes. “You can remember back that far?”

“Shut it.”

“I forget. Was Holly a war bride? Was she your nurse after the Germans shot you?”

“All right, I’m going home.”

Carter nudged him. “Seriously, though. I’m sorry if this is rough for you.”

“It’s been a year, almost. I’m over it. Really. I don’t miss Holly, but I do miss…” Eric shook his head.

“Regular sex?” Carter guessed.

“Companionship,” Eric finished with a glare at Carter. “Holly and I didn’t spend much quality time together the last few years, but it was still nice to have someone to talk to at night. When we were both home.”

“I’ll bet we can find someone who wouldn’t mind being your companion,” Carter said, making the word sound dirty.

Eric’s gaze found Kyle again, his tray now heaving under the weight of empty beer bottles and pint glasses. Eric could see the bulge of his bicep straining the fabric of his white T-shirt. He had an athletic figure—not jacked like the other bartender, but slim and toned. Eric wondered if he played any sports, or if he just worked out a lot.

“I think I’ll head home,” Eric said, because checking out the very young man tending bar was definitely a sign that it was time to leave.

“Gotta rest those old bones,” Carter joked.

“Yeah, yeah.” Eric retrieved his long, black wool coat and olive-green cashmere scarf from the back of a barstool.

As he was wrapping the scarf around his neck, Kyle returned and plunked the heavy tray down on the bar. He brushed the strands of blond hair that had fallen over one eye back into place with his fingers. “You’re leaving?”

“Yes.” Eric glanced at his watch, as if the time was any kind of justification for leaving a party right now. It wasn’t even eleven o’clock yet.

“Past your bedtime?” Kyle’s voice had dropped into a sultry, husky timbre, which Eric knew was meant to be teasing, but it sent a surprising jolt through him.

“I’m not really a party guy.”

The thing Kyle was doing right then, leaning against the bar with his arms crossed, one shoulder raised just enough to make the hem of his T-shirt ride up to reveal the barest half inch of his flat stomach, probably worked on a lot of men. It was undeniably alluring. Eric tore his gaze away from the strip of pale skin, shaking his head as he buttoned his coat.

“I remember when you used to be fun, Benny,” Carter said.

“No you don’t,” Eric said flatly.

Carter laughed. “No. I really don’t.”

“Goodnight, Carter.” Then, Eric turned to Kyle. “It was nice talking to you, Kyle.”

“Likewise.” The word slid out of Kyle’s mouth, rich and bordering on ridiculous. Eric was embarrassed by the heat that bloomed low in his belly in response. He turned and strode toward the exit before anyone noticed how flustered he was getting.


New York Admirals goalie Eric never thought his friends-with-benefits arrangement with much-younger Kyle would leave them both wanting more…

Veteran goaltender Eric Bennett has faced down some of the toughest shooters on the ice, but nothing prepared him for his latest challenge—life after hockey. It’s time to make some big changes, starting with finally dating men for the first time.

Graduate student Kyle Swift moved to New York nursing a broken heart. He’d sworn to find someone his own age to crush on (for once). Until he meets a gorgeous, distinguished silver fox hockey player. Despite their intense physical attraction, Kyle has no intention of getting emotionally involved. He’ll teach Eric a few tricks, have some mutually consensual fun, then walk away.

Eric is more than happy to learn anything Kyle brings to the table. And Kyle never expected their friends-with-benefits arrangement to leave him wanting more. Happily-ever-after might be staring them in the face, but it won’t happen if they’re too stubborn to come clean about their feelings.

Everything they both want is within reach… They just have to be brave enough to grab it.


Rachel Reid is the pen name of Rachelle Goguen. She chose it because it is much easier to say, spell and remember than Rachelle Goguen!

Rachel writes cute, romantic smut, mostly about hockey players.

Rachelle co-hosts a comic book podcast called Living Between Wednesdays.

Rachel/Rachelle lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has always lived there, and it’s looking like she probably always will. She has two boring degrees and two interesting kids.

The first two books in her Game Changers m/m hockey romance series, Game Changer and Heated Rivalry, are both available now from Carina Press. Book three, Tough Guy, goes on sale January 13, 2020!

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