Today I am so pleased to welcome Alexis Jane and Brea Alepou to Joyfully Jay. Alexis and Brea have come to talk to us about their books The Devil Told You and Crimson Painted Snow, part of the Grim & Sinister Delights collection. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Alexis and Brea a big welcome!



Brea Alepou-

I had entirely too much fun writing this book, it tended to pull me in and I find myself laughing out loud or visibly cringing. What to expect in Crimson painted Snow, you wonder?

First, I strongly advise everyone to read the warnings and possible triggers. (Dubcon, personality warping, violence, mental abuse, and revenge.) There will be none of that “the MC learned revenge isn’t worth it or all he needed was love”.  Shit is going to get bloody and messy so be ready for this warped dark MM retelling of Snow white.

Crimson Painted Snow, the MM re-telling of Snow White features multiple partners, mild blood play, darker theme and more. In this book not only do you get Snoe’s point of view, but just like the childhood movie we all love, we get the evil step-mothers point of view as well. This book will have you questioning your own morality. Do you cheer on the vengeance filled prince or his potential victims? There is no clear line of good or evil.


Crimson Painted Snow

“Let him down,” Snow said.

Wolly grumbled but did as Snoe asked. The man dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Snoe used his foot and pushed the man onto his back.

“Are you ready to talk now?”

He opened one eye and looked up at Snoe.

“You always let them do your dirty work?” the man asked.

Snoe squatted down and got into the man’s face. “Anything and everything they do is because of me. So yes, they do my dirty work, and they do it so well. Don’t you agree?”

For the first time, fear shown in the man’s eyes. It was brief, but Snoe had seen it nonetheless.

“Now, about who’s after me.”

“Fuck off, I don’t talk to the dead,” the man said.

Snoe didn’t get to react. Gunner was there, and all Snoe saw was his foot after he sent the man flying into a pile of trash.

Snoe stood and grabbed hold of Gunner’s arm before he could go finish the man off. Snoe still needed answers, and sitting around waiting for someone else to attempt to kill him was the last thing he wanted to do.

Gunner turned to him like a rabid dog, fierce anger on his face. It was the demon nature to seek destruction and blood, and Snoe never faulted them for it. Relished in it even, but they were his alone, and he was their master. Snoe moved slowly until he laid his head against Gunner’s chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. Snoe flattened his palm against Gunner’s abdomen, feeling the outline of his abs as he slowly moved his hand.

Gunner was way too far into his anger to hear words, even from Snoe. But luckily Snoe knew another way to get to the man. Snoe was never afraid Gunner or any of them would hurt him. It was just unfathomable.

He was unconcerned with time or anyone around him. Not even the man who was groaning in pain a few feet away. Snoe slipped his fingers past the waistband of Gunner’s jeans. His fingers brushed against Gunner’s soft cock, which was quickly changing just by Snoe being so close and touching him. Snoe loved that all of his men wanted him. Snoe wrapped his hand around the thick length, and Gunner, still sporting a scowl, grunted above him. Gunner’s shoulders lowered, and his heartbeat smoothed out.

“We need him alive for answers,” Snoe said.

“He’s a piece of shit that deserves to die,” Gunner growled out.

Snow tsked and shoved his hand further down Gunner’s pants until he cupped his balls. Snow didn’t hesitate as he tightened his fist around the soft, hairy flesh.

Gunner let out a gut-wrenching groan, and his cock jumped against Snoe’s arm, getting fully hard. Gunner’s hands stayed to his side, letting Snoe do whatever he pleased. Snoe looked into Gunner’s eyes.

“I need you to do this for me, okay?”

Gunner nodded, and Snoe let his balls go. He stroked Gunner’s thick cock one time before taking his hand completely out of his pants. He turned back and looked over at the man in the trash. It would be so much easier if he just talked.

“I knew I should have kicked him,” Wolly grumbled.


The Devil Told You

Getting bundled into a car and held against his will was not exactly how Aiden had planned to spend his day. There’s a way out. His captors will let him live if he can perform an impossible task. Or at least one impossible for Aiden. Mistaken identity really sucks.

Aiden has one night to find an escape from captivity. But what finds its way into his derelict cell is a mysterious stranger who says he can help. For a price.

With little choice, Aiden pays up with the only thing he has to offer. Himself.
And when the impossible tasks keep coming, his only hope of survival is the nameless visitor and the increasingly violent payment he requires.

One way or another, Aiden’s going to get hurt before he can buy his freedom.
But there’s only one man who can make him want it.

Dub-con, sexual violence, and enough mobster movie references to require a trigger warning.

Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You will find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic that you think you know. These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes.


Crimson Painted Snow

A dark MM retelling of Snow White. What if Snow White had a harem of demon wolves instead of dwarves?

Driven away from claiming his title as the rightful heir to the coven of witches, Prince Snoe has made a new home for himself in the forest. When his peaceful life is once more disturbed by the stepfamily who wishes to see him dead, Snoe decides it’s time to fight back.

Snoe makes a contract with a demon lord and his seven wolves. Revenge on his family in return for his immortal soul. Who knew that plotting the demise of your enemies, one by one, could be so sexy?

Snoe will stand at the top once again, whether his throne is covered in blood and carnage. With seven demon wolves and a contract with a demon lord, Snoe will pay any price for his revenge.

***Crimson Painted Snow, the modern MM retelling of Snow White features multiple partners, mild blood play, darker theme, and more.

Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You will find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic that you think you know. These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes.


Alexis Jane

Alexis Jane is the dark-half of author Alex Jane.

Exploring the visceral side of MM romance, her stories delve into horror themes, profoundly problematic relationships, and violence while holding romance and love at their core–no matter how misguided it might be.

It’s love…but darker.

Because some happy endings come harder than others.


Brea Alepou

Author Brea Alepoú writing and letting her creativity free through fun and steamy stories. With her needy majestic main coon named Bagheera at her side she writes the crazy and entertaining stories that come to her mind. She debuted with an MM contemporary but couldn’t hold back her love for paranormal and fantasy. Brea found herself writing what she loved which was a little bit of everything; from harems of werewolves, to sweet love between two fated mates, or a billionaire sweeping you off your feet.

She believes that everyone deserves love even if not all of her characters get it right away. Love is passionate, hot, needy, confusing, painful,  fulfilling, and all-consuming.

(PNR, Contemporary, Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Shifter Mpreg, Shifter Fpreg& Harem)

There will be a book for everyone.

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Alexis and Brea have each brought a copy of their book to give away (two winners will each win one of the books). Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Sunday, September 27th at 11:59 pm ET.

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