Today I am so pleased to welcome Jenna Rose and Katey Hawthorne to Joyfully Jay. Jenna and Katey have come to talk to us about their latest release, Kanaan & Tilney 3: The Case of the Undead Wood. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Jenna and Katey a big welcome!


Thanks for having us here to talk about book 3 in our Kanaan & Tilney Investigations series, The Case of the Undead Wood. Today, Jenna’s gonna interview, me, Katey about it! We hope you’ll stick around for our fun quiz and giveaway, too!

Hi Katey! Thanks for hanging out with me for some interview questions. To kick things off, I know, at least, in my case, it can be hard to buckle down and focus on writing sometimes. Is there anything in particular you do to help you get in the writing mood?

Katey: Music, probably. Sometimes with lyrics–since I focus better when I’m writing with another person, like we do. John has really eclectic musical taste, and Lowell is very classic, so I can be all over the place when we’re doing these books, which I love.

All over the place is very fitting! I know John would approve. Are there any particular songs that stand out as very John-ish or Lowell-ish for you that you find yourself returning to a lot?

Katey: In an ironic sense, “Just My Type” by Saint Motel. (You have a pulse and you are breathing. Yeah, not so much lol.) It’s John’s kind of dancey thing, though. And ever since you introduced me to Gin Wigmore, “Kill of the Night”. Wolf songs are so great. Wolf and fire songs!

I love both those songs. “Kill of the Night” is definitely one of my go-to Lowell songs too. It feels so wolfy, but also has such a noir vibe to it that’s Lowell all over. So, now that we know what gets you in the writing mood, can you tell me what your favorite things to write about Lowell and John? What about each of them inspires you?

Katey: I like that John is really observant but sometimes doesn’t understand the meaning of the action or expression or thing he’s observing. His human experiences have been really limited, and watching him learn is super fun. Lowell is good for him like that. With Lowell, I love that he really, truly has a fixed moral compass that is frankly better than mine. John looks up to him for it, and I do too.

Aw, yes, I love those things about them too! One of my favorite things about them is how different they are and how well that works for them. It’s so much fun to play with and explore. 

In each book so far we’ve focused one of the five supernatural groups that exist in our books, Necromorphs in THE CASE OF THE ARMS DEALERS (, Beasts in THE CASE OF THE MAN EATER (, and Terrans in this most recent book ( We have Psychogenics and Elementalists left to do. Which is next, and why are you looking forward to it?

Katey: We’re talking Psychogenics, which will be super fun. Mysteries and mentally-based powers are always entertaining in combination. I think it’s appropriate, then, that we’re planning to sort of laser-focus in on the guys and their relationship with this next one–so I’m super looking forward to that. 

Haha, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re right! That and the Psychogenics will be cool to dig into. 

If you could have a psychic power, what would you want it to be?

Katey: Telekinesis. I could be such a troll with it. Anyone who was a jerk would wind up thinking they had a major poltergeist problem.

Okay, so that is the best answer ever. Love it! But that’s the next book! This one is alllll about the Terrans. What power would you have if you could have one of theirs?

Katey: I’d definitely want one that picks up on electrical signals and communications between trees. I read this great book talking about how trees “talk” to decide collectively when to pollinate or not to, stuff like that. If I could walk in the woods and “hear” them.. yes, dude. Yes.

All I can imagine is Fangorn Forest in Lord of the Rings and it sounds both terrifying and amazing. 

So, to wrap things up, tell me what some sources of inspiration are for you when we’re plotting?

Katey: Oh, so many! For the next one, though, I’m pulling a lot of our chat ideas from my husband’s Agatha Christie obsession. Really, he loves all those golden age of mystery authors. And me, I love Edgar Allan Poe for a lil American spin. I can’t wait to bring some of that into book 4.

I can’t wait either! I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you, Katey!

Katey: Thanks, everyone! And you, Jenna. Loooove.

The world of the Kanaan & Tilney Investigations is populated by five different factions of “praeternaturals”: Elementalists, Terrans, Necromorphs, Beasts, and Psychogenics. This quiz will help you find out where you’d fit in! Would you be throwing lightning with the Elementalists, reading minds with the Psys, or shifting like a Beast?


Praeternaturals—people with paranormal powers—all over Boston know Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney for their discretion and forthrightness as private detectives. They’re also about to move in together, and John seems to be dragging his feet for reasons Lowell can’t fathom. Personal worries are quickly put aside, however, when they get a top-priority case: someone has introduced a blight into the Terran Garden, a kind of living graveyard for dormant Terrans who’ve become one with trees.

Most blights don’t cause trees to start craving human flesh, but somehow, this one has, and one Gardener is already dead. If Lowell and John can’t navigate the back-channels of Terran politics and secrecy quickly enough, more dead will certainly follow. Accusations abound: a Necromorph revenge plot, a widower’s anger, a friend’s jealousy, political maneuvering, or simply an ugly accident. The only thing that’s clear is the carnage will get worse until Lowell and John discover who introduced this new blight and why they’d desecrate sacred Terran ground.

Just when Lowell was starting to think he’d seen it all… foliage zombies.


Jenna Rose is an avid reader and writer, particularly when it comes to science-fiction and fantasy.  Currently, she works as a receptionist, but her real love is writing. In her free time, she likes to read comic books, play video games, and waste time on the internet. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her dog, Harley.


Katey Hawthorne loves superpowered and paranormal romance. Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in Ohio with her family, two cats, and two huge puppies. In her spare time she enjoys travel, comic books, B-movies, loud music, video games, Epiphones, and Bushmills. Her favorite causes include animal rescue and bisexual representation in media. She is an unashamed fangirl and collects nerdy tattoos like she’s trying to prove it.


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