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Length: Novel

Bloodborn Prince is book two in the Mortal and Divine series. The books are meant to be read in order and reading anything about the events in this book will open up spoilers for the series.

 “Mine to tend and mine to ruin.”

Henri was been waiting for Vincent. When Vincent was handed to Henri as an infant, Henri felt the bond, he knew Vincent, and even as a baby, the sound of Henri’s voice soothed Vincent. The events surrounding Vincent’s bloodline are shocking even to Henri, but Henri has pledged his eternal devotion to the soul of Vincent as he is, after all, his soul mate. Henri still grieves for the loss of his beloved and he pledges to do better by Vincent and protect him at all costs.

Vincent is half human and half demon, or half angel, as it depends who you ask. As Vincent grows, he knows he has a special bond with Henri, but Henri won’t answer his questions and certainly won’t acknowledge the heat that crackles between them. But it’s so much more than just heat and Vincent has a deep need to be where Henri is at all times.

When Henri has little choice but to take Vincent on as his demon hunting apprentice, their combined forces uncover the deepest betrayals and corruption from the highest points. Vincent’s power is seduction and he can get people to spill their deepest secrets, but Henri refuses to discuss their past. Secrets always find a way out and for Henri to protect Vincent, he will have to once again figure out who to trust and what to believe if he has any hope of fulfilling his vow to the Bloodborn Prince.

I will put this under a spoiler tag, but we find out in the first sentence of this book that

Vincent is indeed Orlando reincarnated. By 3%, the stakes ramped up even higher as we learn how this reincarnation took place and what that means for Henri as well as Vincent.
This series is amazing and the allure is there to get to the full story quickly.

Henri has been alive for centuries and being immortal doesn’t protect him from a harsh life and Henri has suffered. It seems he will forever live in penance to Azrael and his transgressions will never be worked off and the goal posts are forever changing. Henri has wanted nothing to do with his demon mother and his brother, Lucian, but now with Vincent, he has little choice.

The book opens with Vincent and Henri’s personal relationships and lays a new foundation for them and then effortlessly transitions to the battle and the inevitable war. It’s fascinating to watch Vincent come of age and retain memories that he cannot explain. Henri is devoted to Vincent and the bond between them is absolute. Vincent now has powers to compel and there are those that want to break him and contain him. It takes Henri a long time to realize any truth, centuries of time to uncover some of what he knew on instinct, but never had the proof, and maybe he should have figured some of this out a little sooner.

There is a foundation of mythology that the series is based on and, while Lascarso lays it out easily and I am familiar with some of it,  I do not have that effortless foundation of deep knowledge of all of it and some of the connections may have passed me by. There are beautiful, sensual passages between Henri and Vincent and this is a true soulmates book with lots of twists and betrayal. The journey and the battle are once again building for these men and, if the next book was out, I would be reading it right now. For a fabulous and all-consuming tale of soul mates with a never-ending love story showcasing an unbreakable bond, with sensual writing and betrayal around every dark corner, certainly check out the Mortal and Divine series.