Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Boystown, in its tenth season, moves the story forward with a twenty-five-year time jump that occurred at the end of season nine. Not only do we see old favorites and get caught up with new characters, we learn what has happened to these characters over the years. With Hope Ciancio and Joseph Mancini grown up and getting married, the never-ending feud is still on and reignited for a new generation between the Mancini and Ciancio families. At their wedding, a mysterious guest arrives to further change the course of their lives and he is followed by a cowboy intent on claiming what he believes to be his.

Cole and Victor have been happily married for years, but with Derek’s return, their bond is tested, but Derek is not the only one that wants Cole for himself. Emmett and Keith found their way back to each other years ago and have grown their restaurant business into a thriving empire. But their restaurants have long been the scene for traumatic events and anything can and will happen there.

With plenty of back-stabbing, death, cheating, and shady international business deals, the lives of this cast are never without turmoil. When two generations interact, anything can and will happen in this high stakes town. As the tag line still states, “There’s no place like BOYSTOWN!”

I have been with the Boystown series since the start and here we are at season ten, which feels monumental and hard to believe. At the end of the last season, the timeline jumped ahead 25 years and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but the series stays fresh, while keeping up with familiar storylines and familiar characters as any good drama can do.

The main characters are 25 years older but, like with any soap opera, there is still a youthfulness to them. It has been two years since the last season was released, so I did have to stretch my memory to remember some of the details. But the author does a good job of reminding readers of storylines without seeming redundant at the same time.

There are many new characters here, but the stories remain rooted in the foundation of this series. Even with new characters, it still would be difficult to start here, but if there ever was time to break into this series without going back to the beginning, this would be it. This season was a little slower since there was set up for the newer characters, as we have the children of series favorites grown up. Some of it would have worked better visually in the beginning as it was a lot to get caught up with, but by the end, all of the characters felt like regulars. And, it was good to spend more time with the characters this season without so much turmoil all the time.

Although, never doubt the characters still have a crazy amount going on in their lives with all of the over the top events you would expect from a long-running dramatic series and there isn’t anything else like it in the genre. I thought perhaps my interest might have lessened with this new season, but again, the ending offers several cliffhangers and I know I will be looking forward to my next visit to Boystown.