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Length: Novel

Aidan Kelly should be living his dream and in some ways he is. As the host of an extreme adventure travel show, he’s traveling the world with his best friend, having outrageous experiences. But Aidan keeps coming back to Ben; it always comes back to Ben. Aidan met Ben when he was in high school and he’s had more than a crush on him for these last 15 years. They have had heated encounters over the years and the attraction and chemistry is extreme, but Aidan and Ben can never make it past a casual conversation and they always part ways with a lot of regret dragging behind them.

Ben needs a place to live and his best friend, who is also Aidan’s brother, offers up Aidan’s place since Aidan is supposed to be out of town. But plans have a way of changing and now Ben and Aidan are living together. The heat and the want and the need is still there, but so is the awkward conversation and past hurts. Ben and Aidan will have to lay it all on the line to get the forever they both think will never happen.

The Love & Luck series follows along with the Kelly family and Aidan has been mentioned, but since he was always traveling, we haven’t seen much of him. We do know there have been encounters over the years between Ben and Aidan, and everyone knew something had happened at the wedding in the last book, but the family doesn’t know anything about their relationship all these years.

I like the fun of this series and the close-knit Kelly family, but I did wish that Aidan and Ben had a better story, as their path here didn’t always flow well for me. The story starts in present day and we then get flashbacks to the encounters that the men have had over the years. Since we know so much has happened at various times over the years, I was interested to know all the stories and hear about all the encounters that took place. Yet, even though the flashbacks indicated where we were in their story, the flow of it didn’t work the best for me and it seemed to jump around too much.

Also, the incidents were all fairly similar in different locations. Aidan and Ben are attracted to each other and we hear this over and over. For reasons, they are convinced a relationship will never work between them. When they do see each other, they barely have a conversation before they are on each other hot and hard, calling each other baby, and then before they are cooled off, one of them is hurt or annoyed and they are once again walking out the door and this took up most of the book.

While the style of this story gave me reservations, I do enjoy this series and it’s fun and angst-free with a good cast. The stories all connect and the family remains close and I will look forward to Finn’s story next.

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