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Length: Novel

David is looking forward to checking out the luxury resort, Bliss, for his friend Eric’s wedding, but David has no idea that Eric is marrying Chet, the same Chet that David broke up with 6 months ago. When Chet makes cutting comments about how David is solo, David firmly states he has a boyfriend and now he has to find one. It’s convenient when cute Finley shows up to clean David’s room.

After Finley’s mother died when he was a teen, his stepfather kicked him out after seeing him with a boy. After being homeless, Finley landed a job at Bliss and is now saving to sue his stepfather for what should be rightfully his. He has a home now and he’s safe, but Finley is alone in the world.

David needs a boyfriend and Finley needs cash and they strike a deal for the week. It’s barely business though, as the men are attracted to each other from the start. With the men living in different places, they will have to renegotiate to get their happy ever after.

The Boys of Bliss series continues here with book two. The series revolves around an island resort, as well as the owner, billionaire Adrien Blissand, who has not yet had his own story. The series is light and angst free as men fall in love surrounded by tropics and luxury.

Sometimes you have to start at the beginning and the set up here for me was a bit much to get into. First, David had his assistant send in the response to the wedding and never bothered to look at the invitation and had no idea who his friend Eric was marrying. Then, Chet, who is described as high maintenance and petty, and who was said to be making all the wedding plans, never looked at the guest list to see David’s name on it, and so the set up was a stretch for me from the start.

David and Finley went on to fall in love and, despite their relationship starting with a contract and despite their age difference and where they are in life, they came together seamlessly. David is a wealthy building contractor and Finley is barley scraping by. David was married to a woman and his dedication to his job wasn’t the best for his marriage, where Finley never really had the chance to have a relationship.

Finley is trying to settle family issues with his stepfather, who is mostly off page. When we do see him, he is a one-dimensional caricature and a lot of the plot was routine and expected. David and Finley do spend a lot of time exploring each other, but some of their interactions also felt routine and lacked the expected heat we were told they had together.

Still, this series and this book is a perfect getaway to spend time on the island of Bliss. The owner, Adrien Blissand, is being kept somewhat mysterious and perhaps we will learn more about him in the future. There is great atmosphere to this series and there are many characters introduced that could have stories and it’s for those reasons you could check it out.

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