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Length: Novel

The Primal Sin series is an ongoing series and the books should be read in order. This review will contain spoilers for the first book.

Angels and demons have been enemies and have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. When a demon, trapped as a disguised angel, infiltrates the highest ranks, chaos and vengeance are born.

Mikhail is the guardian of the angels. Angels don’t have emotions and don’t fall in love, but despite this, Mikhail fell hard for Severn, which was his undoing. Facing the highest betrayal, Mikhail’s wrath cannot be contained.

Severn has looked like and has been living as an angel for ten years. His quest is to take back his wings that were gruesomely carved from him and become his true self again. But the wings are closely guarded and Severn has no choice but to lie his way back in. Severn and Mikhail are coming undone now that they are not together, but Mikhail has no interest in listening to Severn and wants him dead. But neither one can let go and when their lives are on the line, true love shows its true form.

The men will learn that everything they thought was a lie and there are those that will try and take everything from them to stop a closely guarded secret from being known. An angel and a demon are supposed to be enemies—but Mikhail and Severn will prove that their love is written in the stars.

This is a great series and maybe just that alone will be enough to get you to read it. Book two opens after the explosive events that ended book one with Severn being taken by the demons as they try and torture him back to his true self. Mikhail is enraged and tormented and will not listen to anyone. He had no idea he could fall in love and the subsequent betrayal is consuming him. He has no idea what to do with all of his feelings, so he brings more destruction and more war. Severn thought he had his end game all figured out, but Mikhail changed everything.

Nash writes exactly the way I like to read. Her characters are tormented and sometimes misguided and their emotions cause their judgement to veer off. But the stories they find themselves in are epic. The set up of this story is crazy and I mean that in the best of ways. The illusions and the betrayal kept the pages turning and I get so caught up in each book each time. Severn and Mikhail do spend more time together than other characters in Nash’s series and that made this story a little different and I truly enjoyed seeing the men find their way back to each other on some level quicker than I expected.

There is a lot going on in this book and in this series, but Nash’s style cuts right to the heart of it, making for a story that is effortless to get lost in. Mikhail and Severn’s story is not over and there is still a storm coming. For the ultimate in enemies to lovers, back to enemies, and then once again back to lovers, The Eternal Sin series is an excellent choice for angels and demons, good and evil, and a well-done story that will have you rooting hard for Mikhail and Severn.

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