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For the last week in the 2020 Reading Challenge Month, I have turned to my long and neglected TBR list for a sweet romance where opposites attract in Annabeth Albert and Wendy Qualls’ short novel, Save the Date. Randall Young is the “man of honor”  for his enthusiastic daredevil of a sister and they are out on the town for her bachelorette party when he meets a gorgeous hunk of man, Hunter Mitchell. Randal is your basic science nerd, a bit on the scrawny side and not one to really take charge. Hunter is a military man, used to giving orders and looking to blow off the ennui that’s been plaguing him since his best friend, Gary, was seriously injured by a roadside IED. Hunter doesn’t want a long term thing, just one night where he can let loose and feel something—anything other than this depressing sense of being adrift.

When Hunter spots Randal in the bar, every bell and whistle goes off and he asks the man back to his hotel room. With the wedding party having gone on to the next venue leaving Randall behind, he sees the opportunity to finally lose his virginity and have one night with a very hot guy—one who fulfills every criteria on his wish list for the man of his dreams. A perfect one night stand…until both realize that they are in the same wedding party as man of honor and best man and that instant attraction they both feel hasn’t quite gone away.

challenge month 2020 badgeThis writing duo is quite adept at creating characters who have both depth and appeal. Hunter isn’t yet aware, but he has actually been avoiding life, in particular his wounded friend, for a while now and cutting himself off from everyone. He thinks he just can’t do relationships when it’s really that he is scared of taking the next step and making himself vulnerable. Much like Hunter, Randall is living inside the comfort of his plans and lists and his highly analytical brain. So certain he will never find Mr. Right, he nearly throws him away by not taking the risk to put himself out there. Basically Hunter and Randall are in the same place, but for totally different reasons.

While there is instant attraction in this story, I really enjoy how the authors decided to keep the two men from “falling in love” in just one weekend. Instead, they use the three days to build a flare of interest that will prompt Hunter and Randall to explore just what it could be like to continue seeing one another after the wedding is over. They also wrap up things with a quick happy ever after epilogue that I feel is a bit rushed, but still lets the reading audience know where Randall and Hunter end up, relationship wise. Other than that, there is nothing not to like about this story. It’s entertaining, sweet, and steamy, all the right elements for a feel good story with a fairly straight forward plot. What little angst there is in this novel is quickly settled and I must say that both Hunter and Randal are really likeable characters. Save the Date is a steamy kind of meet/cute novel that is just the ticket for a cozy night in with a good book.

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