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Length: Novel

Malcolm Coben III has two personas: the one he shows the world and the one that’s real. His father is a powerful right-wing politician and Malcolm is forced to be the smiling, obedient son who never steps out of line. But privately, he’s Trey and hiding his sexuality from everyone. To his family, Malcolm’s little more than a political prop for his father’s campaign and he isn’t sure how much more he can take of such a stifling existence. Then, dangerous letters start arriving that seem to be targeting Trey and while his father isn’t terribly concerned about Trey’s safety, he is concerned about appearances. So he hires Roman Barnes to protect Trey.

Keeping Trey safe seems easy enough, but Roman isn’t going to let his guard down. He knows the letters aren’t a joke and Trey is particularly vulnerable. Roman finds himself attracted to the young man, especially as he gets to know the real Trey, the one who must hide himself from the rest of the world. When the threats become all too real, Roman will have to race against time to save the man he loves.

Saving the Senator’s Son is the first in the new Hart Security series. It follows a group of brothers who have formed their own protection agency and, while Saving the Senator’s Son has a few issues, on the whole I found it pretty enjoyable.

Trey is certainly the kind of character I found myself wanting to champion. He’s stuck in an impossible situation with uncaring parents, but he doesn’t have the money or options to strike out on his own. He’s essentially forced to support a man he hates, all while trying to find some way to free his sister from her equally precarious position. Roman is a little hard to connect with, but his devotion to Trey is complete and the entire Barnes family is the kind we’d all like to be a part of.

The romance between Trey and Roman comes kind of out of nowhere. We see them warming up to one another and then bam! They’re suddenly madly in love. It would have nice to see a more natural evolution take place between the characters, especially since there are so many plot points that piggyback onto their relationship and end up moving too quickly as a result. Also, the antagonist comes pretty much out of nowhere and their sudden rise to arch villain reads as unlikely. As a reader, I wanted to know more about them or at least see them interact more with Trey, Roman, and the rest of the characters. Their actions would have seemed more meaningful had they been more integrated into the story.

I enjoyed Saving the Senator’s Son for the most part. It isn’t flashy, but rather gives readers a sweet couple who deserved their well fought for happily ever after. The pacing is decent and the overall story, while not always believable, was still fun to read and I found myself invested in Trey and Roman’s story. I’m looking forward to the next in the Hart Security series. I think this one will appeal to most readers, especially those for looking a nice balance between romance, action, and a dash of angst.

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