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Length: Novella

Henley James has finally found a job he loves, working in customer services for a uniform manufacturing company. He gets along well with his colleagues and joins them when they go out as a group. Henley’s got an interest in an executive, Isaac Chapman, a kind and generous man. It’s that interest that leads Henley to interview with the manager for a new position that would include working closely with Isaac.

Isaac is a Daddy whose last boy left him because Isaac has a need to be a 24/7 Daddy. His boy found that to be too much and terminated their relationship. As Isaac begins working with Henley, he becomes intrigued. It seems Henley’s naturally obedient and Isaac starts to wonder if Henley would be the perfect boy.

Isaac isn’t the only one wondering. Henley’s been interested in the Daddy/boy dynamic and has even participated in a scene at a club. He begins to think about whether Isaac would be a good Daddy. He doesn’t have to wait very long. Within a few weeks, Isaac and Henley start to feel a chemistry growing between then. It becomes decided after an…incident at work…and a date.

Their budding relationship is satisfying for both men, and they fall for each other quite quickly. However, there’s someone at the company who doesn’t think the new couple should be together. Will their new love survive the workplace?

I absolutely love Daddy/boy stories, so I jumped on Soothe Me, Daddy as soon as I saw it was available. I was especially excited because the MCs worked together, and I wanted to see how that would play out. With this book, I got a sweet story with nearly zero conflict, some entertaining background characters, and a nice HEA.

Isaac and Henley were a couple of great guys. They enjoyed their work, were devoted to their families, and had good friends they spent time with outside of work. The chemistry between them was nearly instant, and while it wasn’t necessarily explosive, it was all encompassing. In essence, they were perfect for each other. Henley loves Isaac’s take charge attitude. He has a need to be taken care of and to be regimented. Isaac loves Henley’s submissive side, his love of fun, and he definitely loves how gorgeous Henley looks in his makeup and jewelry.

There are a multitude of background characters. Henley has two dads and four sisters to keep him on his toes, and Isaac has his dad, mum, and two sisters. There are also quite a few coworkers that fit into the story as well. I actually really enjoyed the interactions between the men and their family and friends. They were fun and amusing, and rather plentiful. I like the author’s choice here. There was a nice balance between family/work time and alone time. All these people fit into their roles well, never overwhelm, and all in all, enhance the book.

I’d like to quickly mention the sex in Soothe Me, Daddy. It’s well written and pretty hot. There are certain BDSM-ish elements, though. It’s not over the top…spankings, plugs, and a cock cage. It is not too intense, even if you’re not necessarily a fan of BDSM.

As for the ending…it was expected. Everything wrapped up neatly, and the HEA Isaac and Henley get is what they deserved. Soothe Me, Daddy is a lovely, fairly short book, and it’s a great way to spend an evening.

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