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Length: Novel

This is part of an ongoing series and the books work best read in order. This review will contain spoilers for the previous books in the series.

 Vie Eliot never even knew he had a half-brother and when he learns this, it’s not long before he also realizes his brother is a dangerous psychic looking to kill the only people that Vie has. Life has been anything but routine for Vie since moving to Wyoming, in a town that is filled with more dangerous psychics and more murder than Vie ever wanted to be aware of. Vie would like to finish high school, maybe run on the track team, and definitely spend more time with his boyfriend as Vie always feels like he has a lot to make up for.

But one thing after another gets thrown in Vie’s way and on the day of track tryouts, a teacher is murdered inside the school building. Vie know this is another piece in an extremely large puzzle involving conspiracy and kidnapping and other town residents with strong psychic abilities. And first it seems that everyone wants Vie out of the way, but it just may be that Vie has something they all want.

Vie hasn’t had any time to hone his abilities and he has to work quickly as ghosts and ancient evil threaten his every move. The last thing Vie wants to do is face his past, but if he can’t break through and own his feelings, he might not get another chance tomorrow.

The Hollow Folks series has me completely hooked and that is due to the character of Vie Eliot. As a teen main character, he is deeply layered and his character is continually evolving. There is something that happens when I pick up one of the Hollow Folk books and I become so immersed in this world and so attached to Vie’s life.

The books in this series need to be read in order and this book opens up days after the last events. Vie seriously cannot get a break. Everywhere he turns he is met with a fist and his life seems impossible. His living arrangements are better at this point and he still has Austin, but everything is so tenuous in his life and even he knows it.

The murder and the mystery and the psychic ability ramp up greatly in this book. I am not even going to get into most of the plot of this book as it’s so deeply layered throughout the series. Vie is learning that it’s not just Mr Big Empty he needs to be concerned about and this small town in Wyoming holds lots of secrets and lots of danger and lots of people with reluctant psychic ability. Vie hasn’t been able to control or advance his abilities previously, but he is learning and being able to free his mind will take accepting a part of his past that he has no interest in revisiting.

There is a lot going on in this book and, because of that, I felt that some of the more important revelations got a little mixed in with the rest of the story. With so much going on, the areas that should have been highlighted the most didn’t always stand out for me.

Vie draws people to him and we start to understand more about his abilities and what he can do and who wants to exploit that. Through the mystery and the murder though, Vie is still trying to be a teen and trying to navigate dating and what it means to be a boyfriend. His reactions and interactions are as emotional as expected for a teen romance while living the impossible life that Vie lives. Vie has a lot of baggage already where dating is concerned and that is the key to being able to move on in so many ways.

While the plot got a little large and overly complicated and I would have liked some of the key areas to have stood out a little more, the journey is not over for Vie and his friends, and true evil is coming for him. When I think of this series, I think of Vie’s extraordinary character and he gets all the stars.

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