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Length: Novel

Landry Carran isn’t quite a walking disaster, but he definitely needs a keeper. At least, Gage Roskam thinks he does and, as both a detective and a Dominant, Gage isn’t used to be to being wrong. Landry thrives on coffee and a bit of chaos and he hits all of the right buttons for Gage, even if they meet during the middle of an investigation. Landry works for a local antique dealer and it seems that a criminal element has taken an aggressive interest in something Landry’s small shop might contain. When things turn violent, Landry finds himself in the middle of a situation for which he has no experience. Luckily, Gage is on hand and he’s determined to keep Landry safe, no matter what. And, in the meantime, if they get a chance to explore some kink together, well as far as Gage and Landry are concerned, work and play might mingle just fine.

The Lucky Cat is the first in the Treasure Trove series and, while it’s a kind of a ridiculous plot, Landry and Gage are a pretty fun couple. And if their romance isn’t exactly profound, then at least this couple seems to well suited to another. Landry is every inch a brat and between his sass and a serious coffee addiction, he’s cute but not dependent on anyone else. He plays around at the clubs, but he’s not the needy type. Gage is all alpha and he can no more control his desire to dominate to Landry than he can to protect the man. They seem to be a natural fit for one another and, while their romance moves way too fast, they do work well together. I would have preferred to see a slower evolution of their relationship, especially with regards to the kinkier aspects, but they still work as a couple and they make the book highly enjoyable. The kink is fairly pronounced in The Lucky Cat, so if you’re not familiar with BDSM or uncomfortable with it, this may not be the book to start with. That said, the kink isn’t extreme in any way, so don’t expect anything more intense than chastity scenes, denial, and the like.

The story is pretty over the top, at least in terms of bringing in the Yakuza and why they would be threatening a random antiques dealer. The focus of the crime is both predictable and falls pretty flat in terms of believable as a mystery. There is some action on the page and that keeps things from becoming too bogged down and moves the plot along.

If you’re looking for a riveting mystery, then The Lucky Cat isn’t it. But if you’re looking for a sweet couple with plenty of chemistry who share a love of kink, then The Lucky Cat will likely satisfy. It’s one of the books I ended up enjoying because it really doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is. Gage and Landry are a fairly engaging couple and I’m hoping we see more of them when this series comes out the second installment.

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