Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Eric is a strong and independent omega. Aside from that, he really just wants a good date with a nice Alpha. His sister signs him up for an Alpha/omega dating app, and soon, Eric’s in a coffee shop waiting to meet his match.

Rashad is that match. Once he and Eric find each other in the shop, they get along famously. They also have a near electric chemistry neither man can deny. When their date ends, Rashad offers to walk Eric home. As they walk, with pheromones overcoming them, they venture into a dark alley to have a…liaison. The guys plan a second date and Rashad tells Eric to meet him at the movie theater. Eric waits…and waits…and waits some more, but Rashad never shows. Eric is sad, figuring Rashad doesn’t want to see him anymore. Life moves on, though. He’s got his job and his family. However, he’s got one more thing. He’s pregnant.

Rashad is ready to hit the theater when he ends up knocked out, kidnapped, and taken to Alnuria, the country of his family’s origin. There, the family reunion isn’t as wonderful as he imagined. He’s trapped in a home of luxury, thinking of nothing but escape.

Eric begins an investigation of his own. He wants answers as to why Rashad ghosted him, why he is missing, and where he is. When Eric gets too close to the truth, he finds himself in danger as well. Now the men have to work together to get themselves free so they can begin their lives together.

I liked The Omega’s Missing Mate very much. I’m partial to Alpha/omega stories, and if it’s mpreg, it just makes it better. I jumped on the opportunity to be able to read this sweet story.

The book progresses the same way as a lot of mpreg romances do: a meet cute, fantastic chemistry, an unexpected, but completely loved, pregnancy, and a happily ever after. Sure, it’s a formula, but it’s a great formula. I loved both Eric and Rashad as individuals and as a couple. At their very first meeting, their chemistry is off the charts, and I found that to be charming. Their first time in the alley? Wow. It burned up my Kindle.

I enjoyed the middle of the story. It was interesting, and the beautifully detailed descriptions of the palace, the clothing, and even the food, caught and held my attention. Also, I loved the nearly Mission Impossible style escape near the end. The author created excellent tension that really worked for me. I don’t want to give too many details, but suffice to say, everything works out.

There are quite a few background characters who are important to The Omega’s Missing Mate. Eric’s sister, Jane, and her mate, Lucy, are protective of him, almost to the point of obsession. They’re also funny as hell, and I was really laughing when they were “helping” him get ready for his date with Rashad. We also have Rashad’s Aunt Leyla. She’s shrewd, but in the end, she meant well. There is also Rashad’s cousin, Jaya. She’s a tour guide, confidante, gossip, and downright awesome. She loves Rashad very much, and begins to love Eric just as much. Each of these characters enhanced the story. There was no scenery chewing here. It was a perfect balance.

The ending was as it should be. We get sweetness and humor and a lovely HEA. I didn’t want to let go of Eric and Rashad. I wanted to see so much more…like how Rashad and Eric are with the baby. How Aunts Jane, Lucy, and even Leyla become willing babysitters who spoil her rotten. Also, I’d love to just “be there” to see Eric and Rashad become acquainted with each other. Remember the pregnancy began on the first day and the kidnapping followed soon after. They haven’t necessarily had the time to really get to know their mates.

I am going to highly recommend The Omega’s Missing Mate. It’s perfect for fans of the omegaverse and mpreg. If you’ve never read a book like this, it’s a nice way to dip your toe into the pool and see how you like them. Definitely pick this one up.