Rating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Daniel finds it difficult to trust after his poor excuse for a boyfriend cheated on him with multiple partners. Despite his reluctance to date again, there is one guy Daniel wouldn’t mind reconnecting with and that’s Roger, an old friend from the bank where he works. It’s been years since he’s seen Roger, and so when Roger’s mother stops by the bank, Daniel takes the opportunity to try and reconnect with her son. Daniel is keen to see the man who essentially dropped off the face of the earth so long ago. Not only is Roger still the good looking guy Daniel remembers, but his friends aren’t so bad either—especially the elegant and suave Leon. The two men hit it off right away and Daniel is smitten. But there’s something just too perfect about Leon—something Daniel just can’t put his finger on.

J.P. Bowie has added another novella to the My Vampire and I series with his latest book, Blood Kiss. If you are looking for hot vampire action with limited plot and lots of sex and romance, then this is just the story for you. While it doesn’t really break the mold from the standard paranormal idea of what a vampire is like, including their weaknesses and ability to thrall those who they are attracted to, the author still manages to make Leon a bit more human than most and does allow his human characters to keep their wits about them and make their own decisions when it comes to spending time with a blood thirsty killer. The added aspect of Daniel living in close proximity to a demon is also a bit of extra drama and mystery that adds some spice to the story overall.

Unfortunately, we don’t get much backstory on why the demon is there and exactly how he came to find Daniel, nor does the author choose to pursue the other dangling plot point which deals with Daniel’s ex-boyfriend other than to use him as the reason that Daniel is not likely to trust Leon right away and is therefore shocked at himself when he does. It’s these plot holes that aggravated me the most and they kept me from really enjoying what should have been just a nice paranormal sexy time story that was a bit of fun. Instead, I feel the bits that were left unresolved just muddied the waters and kept Blood Kiss from being more successful.

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