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Aimee Nicole Walker is back with the second installment in her Sinister in Savannah series called Mr. Perfect. This time the story focuses on Felix, one of the trio of men (Jonah, Rocky, and Felix) who head up their own investigative podcast. Those familiar with the series will remember that Felix is a journalist—a tenacious, bulldog of a man who searches out the truth with an unwavering passion. What isn’t known about Felix is his more than humble beginnings. In fact, it is his impoverished upbringing that shapes the man he is today, as someone who always feels as though he is being judged and found lacking. It is this knowledge and remembrance of a past where not knowing where his next meal will come from and whether or not his addicted mother would be cognizant enough to even care for him that drives Felix to carefully shape his life in a well-ordered manner.

Felix has given his heart only once and when his deepest secrets were thrown back in his face for all to see, he cut himself off from the man he trusted and loved blaming him for revealing the past to the scorn and mockery of their classmates. That may have been back in college, but it could have been just yesterday, especially since the man in question is now in Savannah and starring on the local morning show as a news anchor. Jude Arrow is someone Felix both hates and, god help him, desires. Felix is positive that Jude wronged him and yet, each time he runs into the man, Jude insists Felix is wrong. When the two of them clash over the investigation of a local businessman and his shady dealings with a mafia crime boss, sparks fly. Can Felix resist Jude and his ability to bring Felix to his knees? Can he trust the man and believe him when he says he is not to blame for telling Felix’s secrets? Can he let go and love Jude again?

I so enjoy this series. This second novel is even better than the first. All the familiar gang is back, including Miss Marla, and we get to see even more of the gentle ribbing and fun banter between Rocky and Felix. Jude begins as someone I loved to hate for what he represents to Felix and I honestly was one hundred percent with Rocky every time he warned Felix not to be a fool and let Jude in again. Once that changes and we find out more about that time in college so long ago and the circumstances surrounding the revelations that came out and embarrassed Felix, we discover that Jude is not at all who we are led to believe he is at the beginning of the story. We walk alongside Felix as he begins to trust and, yes, love again and it is really quite lovely.

In the midst of this romance is the meat of the story, which deals with the mystery surrounding a car dealership and the connections it has to organized crime. There are lots of red herrings in this plot and the twists and turns just keep coming, making the ending both exciting and surprising. There is even a very clever and mind-blowing revelation about Rocky that perfectly sets up the next book.

All in all, Mr. Perfect is a fantastic book—a worthy second story that leads to the third that I cannot wait to read.

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