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Hawk Connolly and his pack know they have to do something drastic to get to Joshua Thornston. Which is why they set up a faux attack on his children, and then insert themselves into the narrative to provide protection for the three Thornston siblings. Hawk is behind it all, and when he’s assigned to personally protect Peter Thornston, he takes the job seriously, even if he also has an alternative motive.

Peter and his siblings are spoiled by their father, but also very tightly controlled by him. Their life is one of flash and little substance, but Peter doesn’t love it like his sister and brother. He wants more than fancy clothes and celebrity appearances. And though he doesn’t like the new restrictions his father has imposed, Peter is definitely drawn to Hawk.

But Peter also knows there’s something seriously wrong with his father, even if his siblings can’t see it. When Peter and Hawk act on their attraction, Joshua fires Mason’s pack. And then Joshua gets even more scary and erratic. Peter is given the opportunity to flee, and though he doesn’t want to leave his siblings behind, he takes the chance.

But arriving at Hawk’s headquarters lets loose a myriad of surprises and exposes the lies. Peter doesn’t know what to think, but he listens, and eventually takes a chance on Hawk. But there is so much more at work, not in the least of which is Peter’s true heritage. And when the magic in the world heals, the mate bond gets even stronger. Peter must embrace his new life, and his mate, if he hopes to help.

This second installment of the Bodyguard Pack series takes place directly after the first, and it’s best read in order. This book is also part of Macy Blake’s larger Chosen One universe, though it’s set apart. While I think it would be helpful to have read Blake’s books to fully understand this series, it’s not entirely necessary. Drake does a good job of giving all the pertinent information needed.

There’s a lot going on in this book, because not only do we have the mate pull between Peter and Hawk, but there’s also several larger plot points that come to fruition. We know just how bad Joshua Thornston is, and we get to see the conclusion of that plot point. But also there are more secrets embedded in the tale. Peter’s true heritage comes out, and we find him stepping into a role he never imagined. And Hawk has secrets all his own, as well as a troubled past he’s still healing from.

I thought the chemistry between the MCs was good, and I definitely felt the pull between them. Both MCs are well realized, and their connection and acceptance of each other is a nice thing to see. Hawk, in particular, is a little bit broken, though he’s come a long way. Peter’s understanding of Hawk, and his motivations, helps him see himself in a different light. 

Peter’s past comes out, and he learns more about himself and his origins than he ever expected. Before Hawk and the pack came into his life, he had no idea that the paranormal world even existed. But the truth of who he is rises, and there are a lot of pieces in play. I don’t want to give anything away here, so I’m being vague on purpose. But I will say that I had a few small issues with how that all went down, and how convenient it seemed that he was ultimately who he was and how easily he accepted in the end.

My other issue is one I’ve had throughout all of Blake’s books, and it follows here into Drake’s books. Consistency seems to be an issue with this universe, with minor things being changed or manipulated to serve the current story. It’s not a huge deal, and for the most part I’m happy to go along with it, especially if there’s a cursory explanation. However, having read every book in the universe, I find there’s minor things that are glaringly obvious—in particular secondary characters, as well as small bits of information that seem changed or ignored—that catch my attention and niggle in my brain. In a world as large and as complex as this, it’s to be expected to a degree. But it still gives me pause. 

Overall, though, this is a good installment in the series. It furthers the plot, and the larger through line has now caught up to where the universe is as a whole. It was really interesting to see the way it affected this pack, and how it sets up future stories. This book is a solid addition to the series, and I’m looking forward to what the author brings next.

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