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Length: Novel

When Ben Quincy, whose father is running for re-election as President of the United States, is introduced to Wilder Ryder, his first thought is that Wilder is one big, beautiful fuck you. His second thought is that he wants to get him alone so he can fuck him up against the nearest wall. Wilder isn’t like anyone Ben’s ever met before. Cocky, snarky, and barely giving the First Son a moment to breathe, Wilder is always on the offensive, taking charge of the conversation and the candid photos. Ben is able to give as good as he gets — especially if it gives him a chance to see the brilliant gleam in Wilder’s eyes as Ben lands a a few points of his own — but when they’re caught by the paparazzi, neither young man is quite prepared for what happens next.

Ben’s father tells Ben that now that they’re caught, they must suck it up and pretend to be a faithful, devoted, loving couple for, oh, a month or two while they see how the relationship plays out in the polls. He’s not flustered by his son suddenly being gay; just surprised it happened now. And with him. Wilder’s father is just as quick to go along with the President, telling Wilder to take care of Ben while he glad-hands and does a bit of politicking of his own. It’s hate at first sight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work out all that passion in bed …

Ben has grown up the son of a politician and knows how to dress, how to behave, how to smile for cameras and say nothing at all while giving the best smile and the friendliest of waves. None of which scores him any points with Wilder, who has already pre-judged Ben as being a stuck-up, holier-and-richer-and-better-than-thou snob … and he’s not far from wrong. Ben doesn’t fight back or defend himself against Wilder’s accusations because, quite frankly, Wilder’s opinion just doesn’t matter to Ben, who has his own, equally unflattering preconceptions about Wilder. But slowly, bit by bit, Ben learns that there’s more to the other young man than he thought.

Wilder is generous, friendly, and kind. He’s great in bed and has a quick tongue and quicker wit. He’s also playful, hard-working, and when he’s not on the defensive sniping at Ben, he’s actually someone Ben likes being around. Slowly, Ben decides he isn’t content with the hate sex. He wants whatever it is they’re pretending to have. He wants to hold hands in public, to cuddle in private, and so he begins to use his politician’s skills to a purpose. He watches, he waits, he struggles to find the right words, the honest and sincere words, that will help him open Wilder’s heart.

This is a lightning quick read with a lot of heart, a good helping of sex, and two young men who quite honestly seem meant for one another. Ben hates social events and Wilder thrives on them. Wilder doesn’t have the self-confidence that Ben has. Ben is terrified of sharks and snakes and Wilder loves the ocean. Wilder loves animals and Ben loves Wilder and together they make a delightfully gooey and lovely couple. I especially enjoyed the ending, and the go kart racing. Really, this is a great pick me up of a story.

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