Today I am so pleased to welcome Grace Kilian Delaney to Joyfully Jay. Grace has come to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Flirting with Fire. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



“I haven’t seen a relic like that radio since I was a kid,” Tate said, pointing to the small silver radio with one speaker and a tape deck above the sink producing a narrow sound jarringly different from modern-day speakers.

“I know. Isn’t it strange?” Xander said, scrubbing off the leftover food into the garbage disposal. “We found it in the basement and were surprised when it still worked.”

The DJs chatted about the upcoming holiday and how people got lonely this time of year more than others. So, to make the holidays less lonely, we’ve come up with a contest. The Holi-Date. All you have to do is phone in and say why you need a date for Thanksgiving, and we’ll see if any listeners are willing to be your date.”

“Hmm. You know what that sounds like to me?” Draven said with an upturn of his lips that meant the game was on. The dares between them had forged their friendship. Most of it was silly shit like this, but the last big dare had worked in Draven’s favor. His husband was proof.

“I’m not calling in. I’m not so desperate I need a freaking date for Thanksgiving. I don’t even like that holiday. It’s like celebrating mass genocide and the shittiest early Christmas gift ever rolled into one special hellish day. Hey, thanks for the turkey and veggies, man. Here’s some blankets laden with smallpox with a side of subjugation, and if that doesn’t wipe out all of you, I got a massacre planned with your nation’s name on it. No thanks.”

Draven folded his arms and puffed out his muscular chest. Dude was not budging.

“I dare you to call the radio station.”

Fuck. Now Tate couldn’t back down. If he said no to a dare from Draven, he’d be eating shit for years to come. “You suck. You know that?”

“Chicken shit,” Draven said, still standing like a rooster ready for a cockfight.

“I am not.”

“Then call.”

“Aight, fine.” Tate whipped out his phone and called the fucking radio station, staring Draven down. After speaking to some dweeb of an intern, he was put on hold while the DJs talked on-air to the guy looking for a date.

“We’ve got Endre on the line here,” the DJ said. “Hello, Endre. Tell us why you need a date for Thanksgiving dinner.”

“For about six months, I’ve told people I have a boyfriend so they’ll leave me alone about being single. I’ve said he’s away on business a lot, but now they’re starting to doubt he exists. My mom is visiting from out of town, and my friends are expecting to meet him for the holiday.” Endre spoke with a lyrical tenor, a touch of sibilance adding to his vocal charm. Yeah, Tate could get with that.

“And what is it you do for work? Just so our listeners get an idea of who you are.”

“I’m a yoga instructor.” Well, that explained the zen voice. Tate bet Endre had a hot body, too.

“Alright, listeners, if you’d like to help Endre out, give us a call.”


flirting with fire coverA Shore Thing Novel, Book 3

A stuntman with a love for fire.

A yoga teacher in search of zen.

A holiday season neither will forget.

Stunt performer and self-declared badass, Tate Astbury returns to his hometown to spend another dreaded Thanksgiving with his dad. But his father forgets and makes other plans, resigning Tate to a quiet and depressing holiday alone unless he can find someplace else to celebrate.

When Tate’s mischievous friend learns about the unfortunate twist, he dares Tate to enter a radio contest to become a fake boyfriend for a desperate caller’s holiday dinner, and Tate never turns down a dare.

Endre Michel is a mess. His yoga business is on the cusp of ruin, and his moms are visiting from out of state for the holiday, intent on meeting his boyfriend, a person Endre invented. Through the contest, he meets Tate, a crude, tattooed older man who plays the role of doting boyfriend so well, Endre suspects and hopes it’s not all for show.

Neither man can deny the unintended connection, and they struggle to overcome the distance between Tate’s put-together Hollywood career and the chaos surrounding Endre’s unsteady future—a situation that intensifies when an unthinkable tragedy uncovers a dark and painful truth.

Will Tate and Endre’s future together perish in flames, or can their love rise from the ashes?

Flirting with Fire is a standalone holiday romance with several cups of angst, questionable jokes, a bird with a wicked sense of humor, a bed with loud, squeaky springs, and an HFN/HEA ending.


About the Author:

grace kilian Delaney avatarAuthor, musician, and human slave to the dog and cat that rule her house, Grace Kilian Delaney enjoys giving her characters a dark sense of humor and a happily ever after.

Connect with Grace:


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