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“Shh…” Something—or someone—rushed behind him. Heath only saw a shadow disappearing into the darkness of crowding trees when he turned to look. “Who’s there?”

“H-H-Heath…” Leo caught the hem of Heath’s PJ pants between his teeth and began to pull it in an attempt to retreat.

“Wait a minute, Leo… I have to …” When it happened again, Heath quickly turned and saw someone’s back as they ran to hide amongst the trees again. “Hey, wait!” he called out, causing the person to stop. A man… yes, it was a man for sure. It was a man with a pointy green hat. “Show yourself.”

The stranger obliged, turning slowly to face Heath. His handsome face had a gentle smile, catching Heath’s attention immediately. The man then spoke. “Well, we had to meet eventually, I suspect, but it’s way sooner than I’d imagined. Not to worry.” The man stepped forward, standing in front of Heath at an arm’s-length distance, bowing dramatically. “Hello, Heath. I’m Shea, your guardian elf.”

“You… I… How do you…? Guardian what now?”

“Elf.” The person flicked his own ears as he grinned widely. That was when Heath saw those pointy ears.

“Oh… ooh!” Heath laughed, scrutinizing the man from head to toe. “Right. So, this is like some sort of costume party, is it? That you’re off to?” The pointy hat, the pointy shoes, the pointy ears… it all added up for Heath.

“Costu-no, no!” Shea shook his head. He gestured to his outfit. “This is not a costume. This is what we like to wear.”

“Oh, okay, elf-boy.” Heath continued to laugh, looking at Leo in hopes of sharing a look of amusement. Unfortunately, the dog was too scared to react. Leo was still cowering behind him, making all sorts of funny sounds.

When Heath looked back up, Shea had his hands on his waist. “You don’t believe me, Heath?”

“Of course not, dude. And wait a minute, how do you even know my name?”

“I’m your guardian elf, Heath. I’ve been assigned to watch over you.”

“Watch over me?” Heath repeated behind him. He studied Shea for a moment, assessing the person to be in his early twenties. It hadn’t escaped Heath’s notice that the guy, even in that funny elf outfit, was quite handsome. He had a chiseled jawline and a brush of brown hair falling on his forehead. His skin was as pale as Heath’s, and his brown eyes were a shade lighter. “That doesn’t sound right,” Heath decided, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Okay, uh, I’m assigned to keep you from harm’s way.”

Heath chuckled at the thought of having been assigned a handsome bodyguard. “Alright. Who assigned you?”

“The elders, of course.”

Heath nodded. “Of course. Right. And why?”

“Because Heath…” Shea grinned again, showing his pearly white teeth. “You’re one of us. Not yet. I mean you are… partially.”

“Such utter non-sense! Is this some cos-play game that’s happening for Christmas? Did I somehow sign up, or did someone sign me up as some sort of a prank? Sorry, friend, but I ain’t playin’ along.”

Shea shook his head again. “This is not a game, Heath. It’s all real. Santa is real. Elves are real, and you are one of us.”

Heath had finally reached the point of irritation. “I’ve had enough,” he mumbled. “I’ll show you what’s real.” Heath caught the tip of Shea’s fake right ear and pulled it—HARD. Shea yelled out in pain, but the blasted prosthetic didn’t come off. Thinking the fake ear had gotten stuck, Heath pulled it harder, having a point to prove.

“Ow, ow, ow!” With every pull, Shea screamed louder, but the ear still refused to come off.

“Why isn’t it coming off?” Heath let go of it and watched as Shea rubbed his ear with a pout.

“Real ears don’t come off that easy.”

“Jesus Christ! You’re an actual, elf? The real deal?”

“My ear and I are glad you’ve finally caught on.”


I see the light coverElves After Dark, Book 5

Heath had always been a misfit – a weirdo who went all over town in a tank top and shorts even on a coldest day; who claimed his dog could talk to him; who saw this blinding light every Christmas Eve coming from the woods behind his house that no one else saw.

Even his mother made all sorts of excuses to stay far away from him. If it had not been for his grandma – who did love him despite all his oddness, he would never have had anyone to call his own.

The night before Christmas, with the silliest plan in mind and his coward dog tagging along, he sets out to find the true source of the mysterious light he sees from his window. When he finds the cheerful bunch of elves gathered around the magical bonfire celebrating like kids high on sugar, Heath could not be more excited. Then, finding out that he is half elf and half human gives a meaning to his life; finally understanding the reason behind his weirdness.

Buddying up with a cute elf named Shea for the night to see what it means to possess the magic of an elf, Heath goes on a journey to spread the gift of happiness amongst those who have been good this year. But when the night comes to an end, he is asked to make a decision.

Whether to embrace the magic of an elf within him completely or become a plain, old human and go back to living an ordinary life; back in the world where he was never accepted and to the universe which didn’t have Shea in it…


arden okeefe avatarArden O’Keefe has several passions and reading is one of them. It is through reading the works of several loved authors that O’Keefe was inspired to craft out some personal creations. The muse never stops to motivate and that’s how the story of Edric and Dean just developed by itself. This is where O’Keefe begins the journey hoping that it doesn’t end anytime soon.

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